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Can you survive 1000 rooms of cute terror? Or will you break once the cuteness starts to fade off and your running for your life from the unspeakable hideous beings that shake and writhe in bowels of this house? They wait for you, they wait and hunger for meeting you. They long to finally meet you and show you how flexible your skin can be after it has soaked in blood. Will you brave this journey, will you set to beat the impossible, the insane, and the incorporeal? WASD - Moves Mouse - Looks E - Activates Shift - Runs Arrows and Enter - Control Menus

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LostArkRaiders says

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Having reached 1000 rooms (despite the warning at about room 600), I can say this is an exceptionally entertaining game with much potential. It is, after all, the one that got me to create an IndieDB account!
First of all, the game has a charming atmosphere right from the get-go. The title music is lovely and the graphics appeasing to look at. When the game starts, the main hall has a style that is cartoonish, but not so much that it detracts from the atmosphere. Spooky herself is adorable and always makes me laugh.
The jumpscares are perfect in that the characters are cute and still surprising. There is a wonderful array of them as well, so they never get old. Then comes the best part: the transition. As soon as you read the first note, you know something is wrong. The game is cute, but it has an eerie feeling. As the notes take a darker turn, my personal favorite part of the game comes up. I’m not only talking about Specimen 2, I mean that the whole cute façade falls and you feel uncomfortable knowing where you are. It makes for a not-so-sudden but still surprising turn for the worst once Specimen 2 appears.
Speaking of the Specimens, their designs are perfect. I love how they all vaguely resemble some trope without being uncreative. Whether they are organic, ghosts, spiders, or puppets, all of them are charming and make for a fun yet creepy chase scene. Their “influences” (slowing you down, etc.) make the game nonrepetitive. This does not mean they are used to their full potentials, however.
First, Specimen 5 is probably my favorite monster graphically. It has a moving animation not scene in the other specimens. I unfortunately only encountered Specimen 3 about twice, so I don’t recall it, however. I feel the other monsters would be much more terrifying if they had some sort of movement to them. Perhaps Specimen 2 could twitch or Specimen 4 could bob up and down. It gives a more realistic sense of danger that would only make the game better. On top of movement, some of the “influences” could be worked on as well. For Specimen 5, I quickly grew tired of the white haze and constantly stopping. Not only did it make it frustrating to see, it also annoyed me to keep stopping. I feel that it would be better to lessen the haze a tiny bit and, rather than periodically stopping, perhaps lower the player’s speed in general. The puppet, on the other hand, is too easy to escape. I was only ever in real danger once, and this is because the room itself curved around so he could get me from inside the wall. Maybe a blinking mechanic of some sort would help: not only would it make it creepier to see him inch closer, it would make the player rush for their life.
Finally, I have an interesting note on Specimen 1. After about room 500 (with the moving red wall), I once encountered a jumpscare with one of the more violent faces on the character. If this was intentional, then it was ingenious. The only problem is that it happened once. If it became more common, it would take something familiar since the start of the game and change it (thus making the player feel more uneasy).
Overall I rate 9/10 because there were quite a few repetitive points because of similar rooms. This game is still great, though, because everything works together. A few updates here and there would perfect it in a heartbeat. I look forward to seeing the completed project, and I look forward to more of your work!


Shiro~ says

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An incredibly funny game... at first. Meet Spooky, an adorable ghost girl who asks you to walk through 1000 rooms in her huge mansion as a test of courage. Or something. Reach the end and win. Or something. Spooky doesn't even know if there is an end, but there is certainly something here.

Moving on: have you ever been scared by cartoony cardboard ghosts, spiders and squids? Or even tree stumps? This game will teach you just that.

...and then it all goes completely downhill as you wander about the endless maze that is Spooky's Mansion, finding apocalyptic logs left and right, hunted by all sorts of crazy horrors and still under attack by cartoon cardboards shooting out of walls accompanied by their weird sounds.

The atmosphere of the game is just completely right, as it lures you in with the premise of being a childish horror parody in mostly bright colours, rather gentle music and the occasional titular jump scare. Once you reach a certain room, it gets turned on its head and the game shows just why it is a HORROR game, the music gets more and more distorted and you run for your life as more and more monsters cross your way and hunt you down just for your luxury of having disturbed them in one way or another.

You will also meet Spooky again - occasionally, anyway, and she may give you gifts. But as you find out, those same gifts are actually not quite as helpful as you'd hope. Or as her former colleagues hoped, for that matter...


A truly amazing game, the game did what not many horror games can do, and it caught me off guard with some of the rooms and enemies fought. Each enemy felt unique and it really was since they did different things and affected you and the environment in different ways. Even i was a bit scared every time one of the cardboard cutouts came out at me.
...that spider... ugh...
The scariest one for me was the subject that caused the walls to go red and you had no idea where you were going. I loved this game and will definetly play it to the end.. and make it to room 1000!!! Cx

I really like this game! I jump in my chair every time the cardboard thingies pop out and then I think "seriously?! This far into the game and I still haven't gotten used to >>the cardboard<< of all things!" Hahah, it's cool how it gives you the feeling of false security and then - BAM!

Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to more levels!


The fact that this game already is Nr 2 on indieDB is an explanation in itself. While highly unfinished currently, the game delivers a fresh, comedic and rather horrifying view on your general "run like a bitch" horror games, and has plenty homages to other horror games. The concept is interesting, and as are the creatures that currently lurk the halls. The sound in the game is incredible, and manages to create an atmosphere that i previously only felt in The Dark Descent games, highly unsettling, but yet curious enough to make you wander further within, just so you can discover what lies in store for you.

I am currently giving it a 9 because there is still huge potential in this game, and while it may still be a little repetitive, and the mobs are currently a bit too easy to escape/has a lack of unique abilities, i have high hopes for this little gem.


It's not a bad game. That collision detection needs fixing though.

"Engine: Custom Built" what


Thales_The_Unstable says

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The first thing that stood out to me was the art style of the game. I absolutely adore it. It all fits well together and it looks great. I love the idea of having, on one hand, this distinctly cutesy game that tries really hard to be scary, and on the other hand, a genuinely horror story underneath the surface. The concept is great. The unique roomsets also particularly stand out; providing a sudden spike of atmosphere in between the filler rooms.

However, I also have a major gripe with the game: the enemies. Sure, the living doll looks great; his model eerily menacing. Sure, the deer demon's sound design is quite unsettling. But let's face it: in the end, every enemy boils down to the exact same thing: they slowly walk towards you until you die. Every time a new enemy is introduced, the first minute or so is somewhat tense; after which they quickly turn into just being a nuisance. Considering they are the one true gameplay element in the entire game, this was, at least to me, the biggest letdown.

Still, I'd love to see more from the developer, he/she has a great sense of art style, and there's some good ideas in there (I also remember playing space blaster a long while back, which also had a few neat ideas). I just think the details need a bit more ironing out... But hey, that's just me.

It's really good. Like, really good. Rather than taking the Slender approach and just throwing you in there with a slap on the bum, it lures you into a false sense of security. And then it takes that sense, throws it out the window, screams in your face, and rip your heart straight out of your chest. Hopefully this will make waves in the horror community like Slender or Amnesia, or even Five Nights at Freddy's. Minus the unneeded sequel.


*Since the rating 9/10 requires a review I shall give onto Indie DB what it desires*

Solid game with a great style of atmosphere and tension, the jump from cute to terrifying is a unique twist that only Akuma Kira could deliver in such spades.

With every update more is fixed and tons of content is added, and the game becomes even more enjoyable as time goes on. The Comic/Cartoon style is a welcome addition, and the sound design is well crafted and composed.

As simple as this game may appear at first, it has a lot of neat and fun layers, the tongue-in-cheek approach to the humor of horror stereotypes in this game is very entertaining and the gradual descent into pure darkness makes for a great venture.

*Just enough water 9/10 IGN*


Loved this game to death! The blend of cute and creepy was just right. Using repetition in the level design to build up suspense. Having minor scares to keep your senses sharp. Enough lore within it's world to keep you fascinated. Probably the first horror game I've played to have me fall for so many jump scares. ;_;

Very well done 10/10 one of the few games I've played over and over. Also Spooky's definitely one of my favorite characters in a long while.

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Having reached 1000 rooms (despite the warning at about room 600), I can say this is an exceptionally entertaining game with much potential. It is, after all, the one that got me to create an IndieDB account! First of all, the game has a charming atmosphere right from the get-go. The title music is lovely and the graphics appeasing to look at. When the game starts, the main hall has a style that is cartoonish, but not so much that it detracts from the atmosphere. Spooky herself is adorable and always…

Jan 17 2015 by LostArkRaiders