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Speed Dreams is a Motorsport Simulator featuring high-quality 3D graphics and an accurate physics engine, all targeting maximum realism. Initially forked from TORCS, it has now reached a clearly higher realism level in visual and physics simulation, thanks to its active development team and growing community. It mainly aims to implement exciting new features, cars, tracks and AI opponents to make a more enjoyable game for the player, while constantly pushing forward visual and physics realism. It is also intended for any research, study or teaching activity, around physics and AI, thanks to its GPL V2+ license, and the clear and modular architecture of its C/C++ code base.

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2.1beta coming soon (Games : Speed Dreams : Forum : Racing Briefing : 2.1beta coming soon) Locked
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Nov 14 2013 Anchor

As you probably noticed, 2.1beta is on the front page.

The first release (2.1.0beta) of this had problems with the fact the binary was non-relocatable, and since Desura moves things around that's obviously a problem. New files have been submitted for approval, and set for release on Monday 18th. These will cover Windows, Linux and Linux64.

If you find a problem with the game, please refer to our bug tracker (http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/speed-dreams/report). If it's specifically related to our Desura packages please comment here, or in bug#624.

Enjoy, and remember Speed-Dreams is a 100% community project.


The packages for the 2.1beta release are out! Enjoy, and tell us what you think.

PS. I'm going to see if we can use Desura to give specific users either early access to the final release or access to exclusive car/track packages. Post in this thread if you want to qualify for that.

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