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In 20XX the Earth governments finally realized the key to faster than light travel. With this new super protective 'ball' shielding, the human explorers were finally able to traverse... the SPACE HOLE.

Now it is 2XXX, and alone in your capsule you roll ever onwards, thorough the 'finitely infinite' reaches of Space.

A new kind of ball rolling adventure awaits our intrepid monkey-like and certainly in a ball heroes.

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Hello indiedb!

I'm Sam and I made Gateways and The Great Forever Tomorrow on moddb back in the halcyon days of Half Life 2 modding.

Since then, I've become much more of a programmer, and I'm finally ready to show some of what I've been working on! My new standalone game is running through Unity, but I think you'll see some throughlines in my style from those mods.

You don't slaughter aliens this time... instead you navigate treacherous space based courses, structurally similar to the Monkey Ball games but with pulp sci-fi/ progressive rock album cover craziness.

Check out my first Space Hole trailer:

Trailer music by Beverly Crusher

For this game I'm trying to find a balance between platforming & puzzle elements, as well as deep-space psychedelic wonder. I'd say the game is about 75% done, with over 100 levels split between about 8 hub worlds.

Image 4

Image 3

Image 2

Image 1

Image 8

Image 7

Coming 2016
Steam Greenlight: Steamcommunity.com !

Thanks for reading!
Sam Atlas (Zimmbous)

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Space Hole Windows, Mac game

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