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We just added some cool new Arcade Effects to Space Ranger ASK - check out the Video!

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Space Ranger ASK already features a lot of cool effects, but we thought it could use a little more.. So we decided to add some new sweet Arcade effects!

Space Ranger ASK Arcade FX

You'll experience the FX ingame when you:

  • Shoot Asteroids
  • Shoot UFO's and UFO Bosses
  • Take Damage
  • Grab the Power-Ups
  • Pick up Coins and Specials
  • Pick up Spacemen
  • Drop off Spacemen at the Base

Check out this video to see how they look like:

The effects use very little cpu, so they will be available for all platforms (Windows, Win8 App, iOS and Android) in the upcoming update. And if you dislike the effects, you can switch them off in the game options! =)

Please take a few seconds to support us on Steam Greenlight! Pretty please! =)
Just click the image below to visit our page.

SR Ask Steam Greenlight

That's all this time - we'll be posting some news about the mobile development progress soon!

Thanks for reading - and have a beautiful day!

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