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The games starts as a simple space shooter but develops itself to imprison you within it so it may move past the digital realm and enter your mind. The game features varying gameplay and interaction with slight challenges, but balanced to allow a wide audience to be able to play it. First simple and arcade like, then 3D and eerie. Broken down into different chapters or programs that appear as you unlock them allowing you to play the game at leisure.

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KillmondayGames says

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Awesome idea! Unfortunatly I couldnt get past lv 3 since my antivirus erased something :(

meh it's okay

well i didn't need to sleep tonight, scared the living hell out of me hated it when you couldn't press escape! good game though!

Such a great game! It's so different from all the other horror-games out there, you actually feel like you would be "inside" the game. Just wow. Excellent Idea!


MercerLeonhart says

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Crashed when he was avout to tell me what happened but apart from that scared the livng **** out of me.


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