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A twin-stick shooter where your music is your weapon. Whichever track you choose will power your engines and your lasers, but beware: your enemies are also driven by the music. Soundsaber fully supports all mainstream audio file formats: MP3, FLAC, M4A, AAC, WMA, WAV, OGG, AIFF, MOD, IT, S3M and XM are all fully compatible. Soundsaber comes with a dozen sample tracks by artists like 0edit, Aaron Static, Blissbox and Jim Guthrie to get you started, but you can use any audio file on your hard drive to generate a Soundsaber level.

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Soundspace Update Released


The Soundspace update has been released! Everyone who previously purchased Soundsaber can now freely download the new build from the itch.io store page.

Patch Notes:

New Features:
-Soundspace Mode has been added. Players can generate a Soundspace from their music collection. A Soundspace is a procedurally-generated world made from your music. Each song in your collection becomes a level, and the levels become progressively harder as you explore the world.
-Soundsaber now uses the BASS library for audio, which means better overall audio support. Load times/streaming have been improved and all relevant audio formats are now fully supported. Error handling is more robust.
-Soundsaber is now available on OSX. The Mac version has all features of the PC version.
-Added a main menu to allow for Soundspace management.

Minor Changes:
-The Battleship boss now comes with less regular enemies, making it much easier to fight.
-The Battleship boss now starts its attack from one direction, making it easier to anticipate.
-Fixed some issues where the camera would not show the entire arena on some aspect ratios.
-Dozens of bug fixes and misc improvements.

To celebrate this release, Soundsaber has gone on sale and can now be purchased at 34% off, for 9.89$ instead of 14.99$. This sale will last for a month.


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