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SoulHunter is a 3D adventure game with sword-based hack- and slash combat. The main protagonist of the game, is kind of an anti-hero, a wretched creature that has lost its own soul. To survive, it has to consume the weak souls of the monsters inhabiting the large forest in which the game takes place. SoulHunter is a one man project.

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Memorix101 says

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One of the best adventure game i played ! Remind me a little bit on zelda for n64 ^^


robinerd says

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Awesome work! Can't believe you did all this by yourself, lots of dedication and skills!


Rtyper says

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A really great and professional game. Amazing that it was made by just one person! The graphics are great, very stylized and atmospheric and the sound is great too. Could have done with voice acting, although it doesn't take away from the game at all. My only real problem was the slowish frame rate.


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