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Sorgina: A Tale of Witches

It's a family friendly, puzzle solving and platforming adventure.

Join a young witch apprentice in her quest against the lord of darkness and help her dispel the shadows from the witches’ kingdom. Sharpen your wit and use her magic powers to overcome every obstacle and solve every puzzle on the way to completing her mission.

Based on different legends and myths of the Basque Country, our heroine will travel across locations based on real landmarks and will meet different characters from local folklore. Mari, mother earth and queen of nature, Basajaun, the noble guardian of the forest, and many more….

Key features:

  • Family friendly puzzles and adventures.
  • Get to know a different kind of mythology.
  • Travel through beautiful levels inspired by real locations of the Basque Country.
  • Unlock and combine different spells to solve puzzles of ascending difficulty.
  • Lowpoly art-style with vibrant and beautiful colors.
  • Over 30 achievements for those who want a greater challenge.

Explore the lands, meet the protectors of the realm and recover all your skills to enlarge, reduce, move, freeze or dematerialize every obstacle. You´ll need to use them wisely to solve the challenges ahead:

The Team:

We are Binary Soul, a studio from Bilbao, Spain, that was formed by 7 graduates from Digipen Institute of Technology.

*Sorgina: A Tale of Witches is specially aimed at younger players who will find its puzzles more challenging and will learn about a land and mythology they probably never heard about.

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It´s been 12 days since we launched Sorgina on Greenlight, so we would like to thank every single person who supported us, voted for us or helped us spread the word about our game. So...

Thanks! Gracias! Milesker!

Sorgina logo

As we saw for ourselves and confirmed with other indie studios, the amount of projects that are now submitted to Greenlight every day has greatly increased and as a side effect, visibility on Steam is almost non-existent after the first few hours since publishing, so we still need to keep on working if we want to reach our objective.

Good news is that we are still getting new supporters every single day and our positive / negative ratio is pretty good.

It´s been a very busy first week so from now on we´ll try to keep you more informed and explain some more details about the game, kind of like a little journal.

Last but not least, we would also like to thank specialized media (the Spanish one especially) for their coverage on many articles and on their social media (shout out to @mispgames for the daily support and to Gamerauntsia for the collaboration).

Sorgina with Etxejaun

This is some of the media where our campaign was covered:

Sorgina media1

We would also like to thank Gamasutra for publishing our article about the creation process of our game and how we came up with the idea of using our own culture and language in it:
Gamasutra: How our mythological adventure platformer turned out to be a cultural journey and an educational tool[www.gamasutra.com]


BinarySoulOffcl Creator
BinarySoulOffcl - - 1 comments

We just added a short gameplay footage video!

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