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A sci-fi 4X-RPG game that takes place 50 years in the future, as humanity takes its first steps onto the galactic stage. Our project is a sci-fi game that borrows elements from a number of genres - primarily 4X and RPG. Our goal is a multi-platform title with optional multiplayer. It is very likely our platform release order will be PC first, followed by mobile, and finally consoles. Players can expect a sandbox universe to explore solo or with friends. Encounter strange aliens to make friends or enemies with. Make choices that have real consequences. As well as learn a lot about space and our place within it. The story takes place 50 years in the future, as mankind begins to explore the universe. Beginning with exploring the Sol system and eventually spreading out to nearby stars and beyond. Gameplay features multiple progression paths that can be pursued freely. Players can focus on doing what they want to do, and earning rewards they want to earn.

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