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Suit up and take on the role of the Lieutenant Commander, ace fighter pilot and 2nd in command of the UCS Atlas, as you search for a new home, battle a mysterious enemy, and rescue humanity from a fiery end. In SOL: Exodus, you'll blast your way through eight missions using a variety of weapons, interact with key characters from the SOL universe through full recorded dialogue, and face near-impossible odds. Are you up to the challenge? Built by a team of six indie developers in Austin, TX, SOL has been hailed by the Escapist as a “solid” game that “revitalizes a defunct genre”, praised by MMGN, who called it “a triumph for indie games everywhere” and lauded by Destructoid for “a superlative amount of content and refinement compared to many so-called ‘triple-A’ productions that sell for six times that amount”. SOL has also been recommended by G4TV's X-Play, and now features RealD(tm) 3D, the first game to utilize the cinema 3D technology.

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The story and script is really weak, the space combat is really fun though, especially with chases and large fights. Even the controls are great. The joystick works well. Theres one bad gameplay element though, you seem to bounce off enemies or your own ships, like your ship is made of rubber. It takes you out of the game and is unrealistic. It can ruin epic moments.
The game only allows you to play with one ship, and the enemy types are very limited, customization of said ship is wide enough for the armor upgrades but everything else is mild to be honest.

It could use multiplayer or coop.
Its cheap though so I think it might be worth getting if you like space combat.

Voice acting is comical, and on-screen subtitles don't follow speech properly. I didn't notice background music, so I'm not sure if that's good or bad thing. I'm not going to spoil the story (not there is much to be spoiled). but I'll just say it's not too much.
On to the gameplay: There are only 8 missions, prologue included, that IMO were quite easy, and one insanely hard that I cheated through after numerous restarts, even after I reduced difficulty to easy. Rockets get rid of most of things quite efficiently, but it gets boring easily if you only spam rockets. Enemies are easy enough to kill without them, and it's more fun that way. Only time I really, really needed rockets was to shoot down some mining bots and to my disappointment - bots were faster than damn rockets! Seriously? -.- AI poses no threat most of the time, and only hing they seem to be good at is ramming their ship into you. Sadly, ramming takes only 5% of your health (at least on normal difficulty, might be different at easy/hard) and it takes way more from their ship. Also, collision detection just bounces you off anything you hit and that feels quite wrong. Ships were made of metal, not rubber last time I checked. Hacking was a nice idea but realization seriously lacks of imagination. Target node, wait for code to show up, select code, do something to the ship et voila. Also dying is not really an option as you can go back to the mothership for repairs and restocking on those almighty rockets. Even if you manage to get killed, you will be bailed out in evacuation pod and re-spawned on ship. Upgrade system offers 0 customization, and is divided into Weapons, Hull and Afterburner, and next stages gives you bit more of it.
Warning! Spoilers ahead! Last mission is heavily inspired by Star Wars, as it's quite similar to death star destruction. And no I didn't feel like hero.
Summed up in one word: meh.

Story is somewhat short, gameplay in general is pretty nice.


This game has a few rough edges but ultimately gives the player a play experience they can't get anywhere else(anymore). I often find myself asking why X does Y and not Z but that just might be me being picky...


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