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Sohei Ninja “Warrior-Monk Ninja” Side-Scroller You're basically a ninja who goes through monsters to finish the level' The game is still under development' Still need to be done' - Create more monsters' - Create basic tile set then after up the quality - Finish fixing the problems and bugs we have so far with alpha + Soon to be released as a beta' So Far: - There are no attacks, except your able to throw 3 various weapons' - Jump, climbing, walking, run are movements' - 2 Levels, going to add 5 more by next week' Please join the forum, and list your ideas and other things'

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Tile set is being worked on currently. It'll represent summer and later I'll have fall, spring and winter.

Beta i'm hoping also will be soon as I'm waiting on coder to come back... maybe I should as for some help on this I guess...



--- Game Info: -- Weapons 1.1 Character; 1.2 Items;: -1.1 Katana Boe Staff Katar Claws -1.2 Kunai Throwing Spike Throwing Star Grappling Hook -- Abilities...

Feature Added.


There was an idea in item shop to buy claws for the ninja so you could climb up walls. But what the heck, your a ninja for god sakes! Who says you didn’t...


Good luck with this :)
The walking animation looks quite smooth, gj!

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White_Terran Creator

We'll finally got a coder that'll actually do his share. ^_^;

Ok, I'm thinking of uploading a ingame shot once its close to beta.

I would like to say I'm going to launch the beta from one week from today.
OnDate: June 30th, 2007
DueDate : July 7th, 2007

We mostly got everything working properly, got a title screen and menu screen. Going to add more player sprites for attacks. Alot of ideas I have.

Up comming after beta will be implementing 3 other weapons to be used.
Katar, Boe Staff, Claws

by the way~ Thanks Hanzie for the comment.

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