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Soccercraft is a symbiosis of Sensible Soccer and Starcraft. It brings RTS mechanics to the soccer genre and allows greater tactical flexibility than common soccer games.

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Introducing: Soccercraft


Hi there fellow indie devs,

I just started a small (well...we will see) project with the working title "Soccercraft" in Unity 5. It is supposed to be a mixture of Sensible Soccer and Starcraft. The idea came to me while combining different genres in my head in unusual ways.

So I thought about a soccer game with RTS mechanics where every player is a single "unit" and can be controlled simultaneously. This should emphasize the strategic aspect of soccer in contrast to common games. Traditionally you have to rely very much on the AI of your CPU controlled teammates and you are not able to design an attack completely like you want (of course, there may be games out there supporting that, but at least I don't know about them).

So far I implemented a few mechanics like:

  • selecting one or multiple units
  • running in formation or to a single target
  • command queuing/waypoint system
  • command hotkeys

More to come soon. I am planning to do a multiplayer version, so I don't have to implement a super clever AI ;P I really would like to have local multiplayer, but using two mice on one computer seems to be almost impossible (though even the Amiga 500 could do this with The Settlers). So if you got any tips on that, please comment below. Also, if you would like to ask about features or have ideas to add, I would be very happy to hear from you.

At the moment I'm working on my first shader in order to colorize the shirts of the players and to indicate which player is selected. So far it is hard to understand the shader magic but I'm making progress and actually it is more fun than I thought :)

I'm not sure if the game should stay small or if I should add features like playing in a league, being able to buy players, having players with special abilities etc. For now, I tend to keep it simple, because the first rule of good design is: if there is nothing left to eliminate, the design is right.

Here you can see some gameplay and some of the features:

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear your opinions!

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