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Snail Storm is a 2D hybrid side scrolling shooter mixed with combo based, trick performance gameplay. What does that even mean? Well, it's heavily influenced by Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, except instead of performing tricks on a skateboard, you're blowing stuff up...and a snail. There's rail sliding, spinning, combo-tallying, and tons of unique weapons.

Snail Storm wears its influences proudly on its sleeve (if it had a sleeve?). BulletStorm, THPS, SSX, and Jet Set Radio, Luftrausers, and DownWell, just to name a few. I tried mixing my favorite concepts of these games to create something unique. Still in early release, I'm listening to any and all comments about how to make this game better. Scroll all the way down for the itch.io link (it's pay what you want!)

3/1/2016 "New Month, New Weapons, New Level Build"

  • ​Added Grenade Launcher Weapon
  • Added Turret Weapon
  • Added new level "UnderGrowth04"
    • Addressing some issues I came across in an excellently written review
  • ​Made it so you have to be holding Jump button to rail slide
    • This also addresses some great feedback, making it so you don't rail slide on accident so much
  • ​Fixed some bugs with Charge / Slow Mo and Super Arts
  • Fixed some Oooooooold bugs with Lash and general movement

2/26/2016 "Leap Build":

  • Added Super Arts. Heck yeah!
    • Super bar is the magenta bar at the top middle of the screen
    • Fill it by doing combos, especially Rare and Finishers!
    • Spinning fills the Super meter, so Always. Be. Spinning.
      • But remember to land smoothly!
  • End of game is less buggy. Bullets don't collide, enemies don't continue to shoot
  • Fixed some bugs with the Mortle AI. Now you can snatch him out of the ground, and beat the crap out of him for hiding in the first place

2/23/2016 Build:

  • Added new weapon selection interface
  • Removed weapon pickups from level
    • You now pick the weapon before the level and stick with it
  • Removed unnecessary dying state for the player. Now, if you get hit, you don't lose your weapon, but your combo is broken
  • Added new level selection interface. Also, instead of tracking top 10 high scores across all levels, we now track the top score per level
  • Game is much more fun this way! What do you think?

2/18/2016 "Happy Layoffs" Build

  • Just slight polish
  • Level and enemy tweaks
  • Tutorial Tweaks
  • Added an icon (though it doesn't seem to work?)

2/8/2016 New Build:

  • Added 2 new levels
  • Added more SFX everywhere. It's placeholder!
  • Added Rail system: Press the direction you want to slide when colliding with a rail to grind it
  • Added Manual Spinning / Rotation: Press either Shoulder Button or Q/E to rotate in mid air. Make sure to nail the landing, it effects your score!
  • Added Link: Press Down while landing to link a combo
  • Removed Combo drops. They were weird and distracting
  • Removed some penalties that broke combos. Didn't make sense.

1280 X 720 recommend resolution

Move / Aim: Left Analog Stick / WASD and Mouse

Shoot: X Button / Left Mouse Button

Jump: A Button / Space or W

Dash / Charge: B Button / Right Mouse Button

Lash: Y Button / Middle Mouse Button

Rotate: Shoulder Buttons / Q or E

Grind Rails: Hold a direction + Jump when colliding with rail

Link Combo: Hold down when landing

Watch enemies closely to see what state they are in:

White = Shielded: Dash, Lash, or Head Stomp these guys to break their armor.

Red = Mushy: Shoot these guys to inflict serious damage.

Yellow = Outta Here: Finish these guys with Dash, Lash, or Head Stomps to build combos and score points! Also, shoot them to inflict extra Pain for extra Points!

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