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Slydris is a unique and elegant puzzle game that feels fresh and familiar at the same time. Slide and drop blocks into rows across 3 modes while collecting achievements and comparing your scores to the best around the world.

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Remarkable puzzle game. I loved the music and the gameplay, and I was really tremendously impressed at what the devs made, especially because I don't care about all their bullet hell/arcade/twin-stick/whatever shooters. The game modes really differ from one another, and the game in general derives lots of complexity and longevity from very simple mechanics. Well done.

Very impressive tetris style puzzle game

Why does this exist? Ugh


Interesting puzzler with slick visuals and 3 easy to understand game modes ranging from relaxing to frantic. It isn't the new tetris, but it is pretty fun.


Good puzzler with multiple gameplay modes that each have a unique feel. Great for casual play with the option to quit and save current progress at any time.

Review @ Desura.com below Inferno+

Easy to understand very simple puzzle!!
Still feel a thing insufficient...

Quite nice. The slower pace in zen mode is relaxing, yet the other mode is much more frantic. Something for all.


Great game, very relaxing- especially in zen mode.

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