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A simple, accessible-yet-difficult, fwooshy, “feel good” flight sim. Blow things up on an infinite number of procedurally-generated islands, but watch out for volleys of missiles; when you die, you're dead.

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Yoyesome says

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Very good for an early alpha!


ChickenDelight says

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It is very fun, easy to get into, AND it runs smoothly (Even on my 2GB RAM computer!). Plus, it's a flight sim, so always awesome :D


szboudreau01 says

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You could consider this a 7.5, but Desura has no inbetweens, so have a 7.

The game itself is well-made. When you're in the air, there are very few, if any bugs noticable. The art style is simple, but only the water textures begin to look abit low quality (most other simplistic games, IE YSFlight just don't bother with textures). The planes themselves offer their own little challenges, and the upgrades are few, but powerful. The bombs are abit overpowered, yes, but they're bombs - they're supposed to kill everything on the ground. It's just done surprisingly well. While going at mid-speed feels slow, it doesn't take long to pick up, and feel like you're currently at Mach 0.6-ish in an Elite Falke. The turning in Falkes is slow, as is expected from a supersonic intercepter, so it feels properly like what it's supposed to be.

The menues, though.. they're abit awkward. Going up/down is easy, but with a gamepad, scrolling left/right is a bit of a challenge of it's own. And, as you keep taking off and landing, it starts to just glitch out - after some bombing runs (and getting lots of money in the process), the carrier menu started displaying the important stuff miles below the screen. Funny thing is, menus are some of the most simple logic in games.

Also, I noticed the red army only uses Falkes and Schwalben, no Kondors took off, or Rogues. I can't tell if this is either intentional, or I just havn't met any carriers/aerodromes that have Kondors or Rogues (which could be possible), so I'll have to look for them later.

In the end, good little game. Quirks are all over, but fighting is fun and hard. (though dogfighting should be more rewarding seeing how rarely it happens) Pretty much Ace Combat if it were a Roguelike, crammed into a tiny 13 megs. Although the speed issue starts to make it feel abit like Air Force Delta Strike until you get to really good speeds..


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