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Skideria Online is a MMORPG top down 2D game. The idea was originated from Graal Online and has grown since then. It is currently in closed Beta Testing and will go into Open Beta on January 1, 2012. I plan on releasing the full version somewhere around April 1, 2012. A price for the game is undetermined. The game may be hosted on Steam for players to download. The game is currently only availible on windows unless you use some kind of mod for Mac and Linux. Below are some features about the game.
Thank You,
-Skideria Staff

-Dynamic map system
-Guild and party creation
-3 Classes (Warrior, Mage, and Whisperer)
-Full Quest System
-3 major cities
-Pet system
-Shop's and bank's
-Over 100 items!
-Over 50 spells!
-100 levels per class
-Beautiful Textures

Head Staff:
Jay Roche - Head Developer/Owner
Edd R. Johnson (vorske) - Marketing
Hudson Diesing (Bobsajit) - Community Support
Justin C. - Developer
Roni Kovaniemi (RoniSaysWoot) - Server Admin

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Top 5 Rarest items

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The following items are the top 5 rarest items in the world of Skideria. These items will be entered in secret updates once the game is released. These items are priceless so make sure you keep your eye out for them once the game is released. Also stay tuned on IndieDB for more updates!
-Skideria Staff

1.)The Armor Vorske (Only 2 of these peices will be entered in the game)

2.) The Kapathian Sword (Only 4 of these will be placed in the game)

3.) The Staff of Truth (Only 6 peices will be entered into the game)

4.) The Shadowcraft Ring (Only 8 of these will be entered in the game)

5.) The Sword of Gazamo (Only 10 of these items will be placed into the world)

Follow Us:

Server is Dedicated!

Server is Dedicated!


We are dedicated! Read Below for more info. Also follow us on twitter for more info @SkideriaOnline The Server specs are below as well.

Skideria Features

Skideria Features


These are the main features of Skideria Online. More will be added in teh future when we get further in development and some may even be removed. So...

Lilly-San - - 14 comments

Neat : )

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Colombianx - - 6 comments

So what happened to the game? i remember i played it quite a while back, i think it was in open-beta or something, or was it silverdale? is this the same?

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avarisclari - - 51 comments

are there any plans to make it run native on linux/mac?

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Blah64 - - 43 comments

Oh my... mentioning Graal Online interests me. Is this a server that you are transforming into an independent game?

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jayr867 Creator
jayr867 - - 7 comments

No, It is a totaly different game and is not connected to Graal Online servers in any way. It is a new game that's idea originated for the years that i played on Graal.

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torwi1 - - 1 comments

Hello, im waiting with joy to play the game :)

Sounds like a funn game.

First to post!

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jayr867 Creator
jayr867 - - 7 comments


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