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SCP 682 has escaped captivity and is running rampant through the building. It is your job to devise a plan to lure him back into his containment cell. Can you defeat the hard to destroy lizard? Six-Eight-Two will be a game with a mixture of both fast paced and slow paced moments, you could be walking through the randomly generated corridors for a while, or you could see 682 and spend a while trying to get away from him. SCP_682 will more than likely be the only SCP / enemy in the game, with the exception perhaps of one or two SCPs, depending on how much time we have or how development goes. You are to devise a plan to trap 682 into his containment cell by getting him to chase you. He is faster than you, so you need to use shutter doors, explosives and your assault rifle to damage his limbs to slow him down, as he has to regenerate to compensate for the damage done to him.

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The character's arms look a bit thin, apart from that this looks cool

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I'm going to enjoy this whenever the full version comes out. Maybe a map telling where he is cause you were looking for him for several minutes.

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Looks pretty nice. Maybe you could give 682 some kind of roar? Also when you are looking for him, he could make loud noises (like stomping) or roars to indicate where he is.

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Awesome. You should make the dead animation by barrels and scp 682 when it eats you and blood comes out.that would be awesome and very scary game,also u can add radar to see where`s scp 682(radar will work only when scp 682 is close to player.

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Hello everyone! It's been a while since we uploaded to the channel, we've been posting very often onto our facebook! You should check out some of our screenshots there, will be posting co op images very soon :)

A lot of stuff in this video is still temporary and needs to be tweaked! So please take this video with a pinch of salt :)


Okay, we've gotten a tonne of feedback from that Alpha video, so I thought I would address a tonne of it here. So here goes nothing!

-The alarm noise : We understand it gets annoying, so we are looking to add a phase where power cuts out, maybe also make it so you can only hear the alarm whenever you are close to the containment room... So there.. STOP COMMENTING ON THE ALARM PL0X

-Make him faster : No word of a lie, any faster than that and he literally becomes a rape train... It gets annoying, but 682 IS annoying, so.. Done... Hes faster.. Enjoy.... You picky people...

-Make an intro sequence : This is an alpha, we have tonnes of ideas for an intro sequence, but theres one in particular that I have recently thought of that would answer to another piece of feedback

-Starting without your gun.... This I've been wanting to do, but as stated, all in time, gives us an awesome idea for that intro sequence, that I could go into detail about, but this is strictly feedback (sad face)

-If you can't kill him, how do you win? : Contain him

-More gruesome death animations : Trust me.... We plan on it >:)

-I'm assuming that you will eventually put enemies in right? : Wut?... U no see giant rampaging lizard?!

-Lack of textures, UI, decent player animation, game pacing ect: Please, as stated, it is an alpha, all of this will be implemented, other things are currently at a higher priority

-The lens flare on those lights is a bit much: But..... Battlefield :((((((

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