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Sirius Rising Gameplay Old Prototype_930

A classic top down space shooter with fast and straightforward gameplay, strongly inspired by Andrew Braybrook’s Uridium from the 80s.

To cut a long story short:
Manoeuvre your upgradeable space fighter through several sectors in the galaxy and destroy the evil. Sirius Rising will be a traditional, horizontal shmup like in the old days, slightly adapted to today's gameplay.

The development of this game originally started in March 2015 as a one-man project. In August 2015, after releasing a little prototype and realizing that the chosen game engine did not meet the technical requirements to implement this project in a proper way, Andrew Nixon (Ovine by Design) joined the project as a lead programmer.

Since this date, we are working on a new version of Sirius Rising and add new game elements step by step.
We are not in a rush, therefore it may take a while until we release a new playable prototype. Anyway, we will post some updates here once in a while.

If you are interested in the entire development process in a more detailed way, you are very welcome to follow our devblog: Siriusrising-devblog.tumblr.com

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First at all we are very happy to announce that we team up with Bitapart from Switzerland, who is specialized in synthwave tunes. He will do the entire soundtrack for Sirius Rising.

You can listen to the title track on our devblog:

The game development made good progress during the last weeks. We added a handful of new enemies to the new test level, which is getting larger and larger. Still a lot of things to do, but slowly but steady we can think of a tiny alpha release. The planned alpha will contain just one level - specially made for testing purposes - but will include all enemy types available at that time.

Enemy types so far:

  • Laser Barriers
  • Bomb Drones
  • Block Drones
  • Ring Drones
  • Tanks
  • Destructible Walls
  • Moving Walls

Soon to be added:

  • “Uridimine“
  • Destructible elements (like parked fighters)

First designs for the stage selection screen and cut scenes are done, but still in a rough state ...
However, you can find them attached to this article.

As soon as an alpha release is ready for download, we’ll announce it here and on our devblog.

If you like, follow our devblog for more detailed postings:

We are also on Twitter:
@mazeon1138 (mazeon/art)
@RubberKeyKid (Andrew Nixon/code)
@bitapart (Bitapart/music)

That’s it so far … thanks for reading! :)

Sirius Rising : Various Animations
Sirius Rising : Level Selection (draft)
Sirius Rising : Post Apocalyptic Scene

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