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Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a single-player first-person game of desperate survival in a world where mechanical aristocrats hunt humans for sport. Our game world is brought to life by what we call The British Countryside Generator: a procedural engine that means that every player gets a different experience. Sir, You Are Being Hunted gathers up elements of our favourite things: exploration, non-linearity, AI interaction, survival, robots, sinister butlers, and hot drinks, and blends them into a rich pixelly pulp. Sir, You Are Being Hunted is a first-person game set in an open world. Your mission is to escape from the archipelago on which you have been stranded. That means surviving being hunted, looting abandoned buildings, and collecting up scattered fragments of a mysterious machine which should enable you to get home.

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SweetJuleka says

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I think this is one of the better Survival Games out there, like it's fun and well polished (everything that almost every other Survival Game isn't) and the whole Concept is pretty original. :3


spectrumrgb says

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A video game with a deep world and style that is only deepened when played with friends.


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