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The royal cupcakes have been stolen! It is up to Sir Boingers to travel through the country on his trusty Bouncy Bird, recollecting all the cupcakes on his way and finding the culprit. This is a very retro-styled platform game in which your character constantly jumps, and you control the jump height. The primary goal is to get to the end of all the levels and progressing the game's story, but of course it's a good idea (and a challenge in and of itself) to collect all the cupcakes you can find in all of the levels.

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A new alpha version has been released. Check the downloads section to download it.

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A new alpha version has been released. Check the downloads section.

I'll keep posting alpha releases of the game from time to time. This allows me to receive feedback and it allows you to actually play the game in advance or even create some level sets! ;)

Note that the alpha versions on Desura are posted much less often than on the website, however. For the very latest alpha release, you can always go download the very latest here.
Note that as the game is still in heavy development, many features are not implemented yet. However, the game itself is definitely in a very playable state as it is; said unimplemented features are mostly enhancements that will make the game so much better!

Changelog 2012-04-09
ADD: credits sequence.
ADD: you can now throw daggers by pressing X. There are no enemies that you can defeat yet, though.
CHANGE: cleaned up some code.
CHANGE: levelset selection uses three columns instead of two now, to allow viewing more of them.

Changelog 2012-03-30
NEW: made the title screen fancier by showing some scrolling backgrounds and adding a little jumpy rhythm to it.
FIX: added a proper music engine so the music doesn't lag and the code becomes simpler.
NEW: added invisible walls so levels can have more secrets.
NEW: added another level. Added secrets to existing levels. Tweaked the tutorial level still.NEW: indication of bottomless pits by using a new tile graphics that fades to black.
ADD: more death messages, baby.
FIX: Change ceiling behavior so the x speed doesn't stop. Should only happen on floors.FIX: getting stuck not moving after hitting an enemy in a certain way.
FIX: The camera would wobble around after using a warp pad. Fixed that.CHANGE: Nearby warps don't instantly move the camera as stated above, but smoothly transition there.

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Sir Boingers and the Quest for Cupcakes
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