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So you don't want to go to college? Well how about designing your own. Sim University places you at the top and lets you shape your future college from the ground up starting at the community level. Hire, Fire, and employ others to help keep your college running. Sim University puts education in your hands. Sim University is a College Building Simulation game. Similar to the "Tycoon" franchise, Sim-U brings a new look to the simulation genre. Sim-U follows the basics of strategy and simulation where players must control various elements found in urban environments to ensure that their college is successful. From placing roads, trees, props, and even vending machines for your students to use, Sim University doesn't hold back. Be careful though, if you don't pay attention to your Utilities you just might go broke when the bills are due. Power, Water, and waste will play an important factor for you success as a University. No body likes a dirty house. So keep yours clean.

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We are hoping that Sim University is a game that you will play often and in the near future. We have been crunching the keys for hours and hours a day to bring you the first Alpha. What we hope to hear from you is some positive feedback about bugs, suggestions, and comments regarding the current status of Sim U. We really look forward to whatever information you guys bring us. To that note we hope you enjoy the work we have been doing.

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Sim University v001 Test

Sim University v001 Test

Demo 2 comments

This is a developer demo of some of the features implemented in Our current simulation project called Sim University or SimU for short. You will find...

BlackHeartStudios Creator

We are continuing to add more to the game. Such things include more buildings more functionality and a few visual improvements. Small changes may not be noticed, until further along in the game. Research and upgrades will be present in the next build. There may be only a few but they will be there none the less.

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BlackHeartStudios Creator

We are just waiting for our Alpha/Dev build to be Authorized on here. With that we also hope to get some good feedback from you guys who get to take the first look at Sim U.

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