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Silver Symbiosis: The problem is that the branching storyline makes it hard to give a particular one in any detail, but to sum it all up a machine malfunctioned and ripped holes in the space/time continuum and between alternate realities, including Heaven and Hell. In addition to mortal creatures coming through and trying to get home, raid, or establish trade routes, Satan is also trying to come through and he is sending his soldiers through ahead of him. You need to eliminate any and all demons you encounter and find the portal to Hell, defeat Satan in all 3 of his forms, and seal the portal in order to save ALL worlds. Core statement: The game is about character development through a combination of both combat AND negotiation. Feature set: 3 in-depth skill-sets affecting both combat and environment Personal: impacting survival on the world-map as well as negotiations with NPCs Psionic: Primary combat and some movement Fusion: Advanced combat, some movement, and some environmen

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