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Silent But Deadly is on Greenlight! Please vote!

Silent But Deadly is a top-down game that is still under development. It has both stealth and shooter elements, where you can approach each level with guns blazing, killing everyone in sight, or use your environment to avoid, distract, and disarm your enemies. Each level tasks you with a specific goal, but how you achieve it is up to you.

Stealth features:

* While unarmed, your only chance of success is to avoid being seen. You can't attack head-on.

* If you catch an enemy from behind, you can quietly knock them out for the rest of the level.

* Hide your presence by carrying knocked-out enemies out of the area so that they aren't found.

* Use the environment to indirectly attack enemies by hitting them with doors, bodies, and more.

* Use TVs, radios, bottles, and more to create noise that will cause nearby enemies to investigate.

* Turning off lights, and hiding in the darkness will make it harder to be spotted.

* Enemies that are in the dark will move to the nearest light switch, to turn the lights back on.

* Avoid or subvert automatic security systems, like cameras, metal detectors, and sentry guns.

* Gain access to the security systems to disable them, or even turn them against enemies.

Weapon features:

* Carry up to two guns at any one time. Picking up another will drop the one that you're holding.

* Land headshots for double the damage, which also bypasses bullet-proof vests.

* The heavier a gun is, the slower the carrier will move while using it.

* Recoil makes shots increasingly inaccurate with constant fire. Controlled bursts are more accurate.

* Aiming improves your accuracy, as well as increases your vision range, allowing you to see more.

* Smaller guns can be dual-wielded, increasing your firepower, but taking away your ability to aim.

* Ammo can be found throughout levels, which will allow guns to be reloaded.

* Some guns will reload shots individually, which can be interrupted in an emergency.

Technical features:

* An unlocked framerate allows the game to not be limited to 30 or even 60 FPS.

* Plan your approach by pausing and getting a full view of the level.

* Temporarily slow time in order to perform more precise actions and shots.

* The AI will respond to their environment, reacting to blood, bodies, noise, darkness, and more.

* Playable with keyboards and controllers, both with rebindable controls.

* Fair AI vision that typically won't spot you until you can also see them.

* Spatial-based sound effects and AI hearing bases sounds on position, distance, and obstructions.

* Adjustable sound settings that allow you to change the volume of specific sounds.

* Post-mission feedback will score how you did in the mission, based on multiple playstyles.

* A point-based upgrade system allows you to improve your movement speed, reload speed, etc.

* As levels progress, enemies become more difficult, with increasing speeds, reaction times, etc.

* Progressing through the game unlocks guns to start levels with.

* Room-based lighting, flooring, and wall outlining, which can conform to any room layout.

* Adjustable difficulty settings allow you to select options that can make the game easier or harder.

If you have any questions, then feel free to ask. I'm also open to any suggestions that you may have. The game has a long way to go, but in time, hopefully it can be something worth while. If you see potential in it, then please vote for it on Greenlight.

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