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Shujinkou is a currently in-development Dungeon Crawling JRPG that interweaves Japanese language learning with the art, music, story, and tight gameplay that defines the Japanese RPG genre. Learn more about the world of Shujinkou, how native and non-native Japanese speakers/players will be able to experience a grand experience, and why Shujinkou may possibly take the JRPG genre to a brand new level in the coming updates and campaign! Please subscribe for new content, including OST videos, new trailers, and more!

Add job 2D Environment Artist (Not Pixel Art) at Rice Games

This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

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Posted by Rice Games on

> Description <

Want to join a thriving indie game development company working on their first big project? We are in need of one more team member - someone who knows how to draw both backgrounds and tile sets (think of a platformer) with some skill. Students and fresh graduates are preferred! As this is a remote position, you will be required to be online relatively often; we use Discord for short and quick communications and meetings and Asana for task management.

> Who this is for <

>> Candidates looking to develop environment art for the next big indie game.
>> Candidates who are active on the internet and are responsive!
>> Candidates not looking for a gig for cash, but to join a team of amazing people around the US (so far)
>> Payment Structure: Reduced flat fee for each completed work (final) along with a portion of either profit or revenue.

> Responsibilities <
> Draw backgrounds (in layers) for an in-development platformer game. Backgrounds should consist of Mario-style backgrounds (left to right, x tiling), Vertical backgrounds (like a tower, y tiling), and Open backgrounds (large, x/y tiling backgrounds).

>> Art style will be similar to a modernized version of Ukiyo-e fused with Fire Emblem.

>> Draw tile sets for an in-development platformer game. Tile sets should follow the 16 set that GameMaker Studio has for auto tiling. Search it up for more details; it should not be too difficult to grasp. Slight Japanese-style preferred.

>> Participate in meetings with members for developing multiple aspects of the game.

Bonus: If we like you, there is a high likelihood that you will be able to contribute to plot development and level design.

> Passion Points <
This is a relatively urgent position, so we have no time to waste.
Do not waste your time applying to this if you:
>> Do not have the passion to develop art for a game.
>> Do not want to participate in meetings or be active.
>> Are completely unfamiliar with any kind of Japanese-styled art.
>> Are only looking for a "job" to work and make "money." Money is included in this deal.
>> Have zero experience with tile sets and do not want to learn how to draw them.

You will definitely want to apply to this if you:
>> Love Japanese culture and/or the language and want to learn more about it.
>> Love playing platformer games.
>> Love games with a dark, serious story (Danganronpa, SMT, some JRPGs)

We are not usually this strict about application guidelines, but it is only to help narrow down candidates at the fastest rate possible.

> Our Studio Site <

To Apply

Send a resume and why you are interested (I recommend checking out our studio site) to contact@ricegames.net with the subject, IndieDB - Environment Artist - Your Name

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