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Shores of Iron

What is it?
Shores of Iron (SoI) is a refreshing game within the MMO genre because it's main focus is different then most other MMO's.
While most MMO's focus on delivering quests, SoI aims to create a player-driven world instead.
To start with, SoI is set in the late medieval era; the nobles felt safe in their strong castles and fortresses,
but the use of gunpowder has been mastered and in this late hour they realize they may not have the strength to withstand the power of the people.

What are the similarities between other MMO's and SoI?

  • Huge world with wildlife and hostile NPC's.
  • Immersive character creation.
  • 3rd person camera (first person aswell).
  • Clans/guilds

So what are the main differences then?

  • Player levelling is focused on skillpoints rather then on levels. Every action you do could increase your corresponding skill a little bit. Every bit of skill you gain will therefor improve the skill effectiveness a little bit.
  • Fighting will be more active with several types of attacks and blocks that correspond with the different attacks.
  • Increasing your combat-based skills will only slightly affect your HP-gain. This results in Low-level players being able to win from much more skilled players in combat. That is to say: technically they can. They'll be more handicapped when it comes to succesfully hitting, dodging or blocking.
  • It will be possible to form your own city or castle eventually. What that takes is money, inhabitants, and other things. But mostly, that'll take time.
  • There are no classes or proffesions, mix your skills how you like.

What can you do?
As always, you start small and meaningless to the world. But what can you do, if the game doesn't provide you with any quests?
First, the main purpose of the game is to let players experience much more freedom. What will they be doing then?

  • An important aspect will be exploration: Choosing the excile way of living might not be the easiest one, but that doesn't mean you can't give it a try!
  • Crafting items; gather resources, tools and start constructing! Having a higher skill always helps to get a high Quality item, or to get an item at all!
  • Jobs; start by simply selling some wood, hire more people to help, eliminate the competition on your area, dominate the market, get elected as the new town major, make your own rules by a clever system that lets you combine parameters to get them. Any more ambition? You're not the only city on the map. Time to start on your army!
  • Next, economy! Supply and demand pay a big roll in our average daily life, so why shouldn't it in an MMO? Althouh slightly regulated by having few NPC's selling the standard items at fixed prices, players are able to freely buy and sell as they seem fit.
  • Player vs. player combat. Yes, you can get attacked nearly everywhere. Hiring a bodyguard, or putting money on someone's head has never proven more useful before!
  • Clans. There are 3 different ones: Named differently, but they mainly present Bounty hunters, builders and mercenaries. Each clan has their own area of specialisation. And those come with (dis)advantages.
  • Now that you have a clan, why not build a city? or conquer one? You may want to attack the City right away or maybe siege it, build entrenchments and break down the walls with catapults and cannons.

The team:

  • Korneel Guns AKA Tottelbe, 3D modeler, story writer, founder of SoI and EBE.
  • Henric Netz AKA Bäver33, 3D modeler, mapper, story writer, founder of SoI and EBE.
  • Niels Vogelaar, 3D modeler.
  • Adam Drew, 2D art.
  • Jarl Hyttel, 2D art.
  • Haik Avetian, 2D, 3D art.
  • Will Eks, Programmer.
  • John Crawford, Composer.

Want to join our team? We are still recruiting.
We are looking for;

  • Programers - You must know C# and preferably XNA, C++, python and/or .NET knowledge as well.
  • 3D Artists - You must be quite a swift modeler, since this is an MMO we need alot of models with not too much detail. You must also know how to UVmap and texture your own models.

More to come soon!

Please contribute by giving us ideas and such in the forum.

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Wanting to help?

News 1 comment

Hello dear community, we are now looking for new talents to join our team. We hope you will
ear us and join us.

First of all, we have had a couple of members been cut off for being inactive or ceased working due tu real life issues, this is as always striking hard on a indie team such as ourselves, this is why we turn our heads to you!

We are looking for 3D modelers, programmers and web developers.

Now what you need to know.
3D Modelers; Model(ofc) and texture.
Programmers; Be handy in C#, any skills in anything else aswell is just a good thing.
Web developer; Be creative, and be able to create a tasty looking site and keep it up to date.

That is all I believe.

Ps. Use the forums ;) It is not hard just takes a couple of seconds to write something down that you would like to see ingame, we do listen and answer.

Bäver33 out.

Uncovering the truth.

Uncovering the truth.


News, news, news, some stories about the factions and some pics, if anyone now reads this little box.




Shores of Iron, or SOI has taken a big step forward the last few days with new ideas, team members and content.

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this mod better NOT die!

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Looks cool, a game ( whos name i cannot remmeber) tried this a while back and it worked well ... for a while people made towns and then others destroyed them, and soon there wasnt enough room in the servers for players to build up, in the beta you were lucky to get a camp made. but who knows it may be fun and thank god its pay to play as the free ones suck !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Bäver33 Creator

Thanks, well just curious, why wasn't there any place to build anymore?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I am definitely tracking this game. The idea seems there, lets just hope you guys can follow through.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Bäver33 Creator

I or we would really appreciate if you all could use the forums on this page for all questions and feature requests, this way it makes it easier to track and also see what you think.


Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is it going to be a free game or not?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Bäver33 Creator

Well since the servers will cost approx 300 euros a month for a small one xD so no.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

You should make it free to play, but include exclusive items that needs poeple to pay you to get it. That's what many MMOs are doing these days

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Bäver33 Creator

I know, but we don't want players that have more money in their pocket o be able to get über gear while most others have crappy stuff.

It is probably going to be a monthly subscription but with good prices, no 12-15 euros a month, we are aiming at making it lower.
And we will also release FREE expansion packs now and then :P

You could create a thread in the forums here on this page and share your ideas and we can discuss this further :P

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