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What is Shardscape?

Shardscape is a 3d platformer where the objective is to collect the shards at the end of every level aswell as trying to get the quickest time as possible.

What is the state of the game?

Shardscape is currently in development with no planned release date yet. Once the game is released I am planning on release regular content updates and patches.

Want to keep up with development?

Make sure to join our Discord server for regular updates and the Devlog section for major changes.

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Initial Devlog - 0.5


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Hey everyone, this is the first devlog for ShardScape, a fair amount has been done since I first planned this project and I’m happy to start sharing it to you all. Please note that this will also be posted on itch.io and our Discord Server, so if this isn’t the ideal place for you to keep up to date I’d recommend you check out those other options. Anyway I’m still getting down the main parts of the game and hope to start level designing soon, I will list all the stuff I’ve done so far below.

  • Basic movement (running, jumping, walking and wall running)
  • Level timer
  • Basic set of models to use in testing
  • Begun main menu

Here is a video of recent gameplay (a lot is subject to change)

Id also like to give a big thanks to Moew for composing an OST for the game, that’s it from me today. Thanks for tuning in!

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