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Shallow Space is a 3D Real Time Strategy game inspired by Nexus: The Jupiter incident and Homeworld. Shallow Space focuses on organised mass RTS space combat in a fully 3D environment. Ships in Shallow Space are nearly always grouped into Flotillas and Wings, and orders issued to these structures cascade to the subordinate members. Rather than stressing out clicking on the units or dragging selection boxes during the heat of battle, standing orders are issued in advance leaving you to zoom around, activating abilities and arranging support and reinforcements. Should the tide turn in battle traditional control is still available.

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Xankar says

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Like a diamond that needs polishing, such is this game.

Overall, Shallow Space is developing into an incredible game. The features the game currently has are promising and what's expected to come can only make the game greater. With a great soundtrack, visuals, and a uniquely crafted game through and through, I can only see great things coming from this one.


willkiller1234 says

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Very strong dev team with great potential


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