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Hello Everybody,

I would like to put to you the project "Sekai Online" close. This is a MMORPG which we are now about 7 months developing. We work with the development environment Unity 4/5 Engine. The
project itself, we have only begun times to programming because we
always see the most MMORPG projects to this failure because knowledge is
incomplete or sat down, we will make a MMORPG but have no idea how this
builds up and what it is for an effort with brings. We have planned in the next 2 years to start for both the Android Market and for the computer the beta. Console versions are planned later. We want to keep the team as small as possible so that they can not reach a mess.

What is our status from code:

+ Login
+ Character Creation Simpel
+ Spawn in the game
+ NPC spawn / respawn
+ AI of NPC
+ Quest and Dialogue System
+ Chat System
+ Crafting System
+ Loot System

Another is of course coming this we are but a grudge over time.

The idea for the game came by SAO (Swoard Art Online) .... yes I again .... certainly a great destination. But by Oculus Rift very close possible. But this function will be implemented later. Clearly we have a long way to go and we are still looking for isolated people which we want to connect.

Homepage: Sekai-online.eu

Wiki: Wiki.devdome.org

Caution without the password, the client can not be installed.

We are a German development team

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Changelog 06/06/2015

Homepage - Server Status
Male Character - Position Adjustments for Items
Further processing of the terrain

Changelog 06/05/2015

Map Expansion Added
Started planning for further tasks
But Portal position to the great World Added not released
Changed character models for man and woman
Fixed Dreher in character template

Changelog 04/06/2015

Inserted Loot Template
Implimentiert quest givers
First Quest Implimentiert (Hunt the spiders)
Waldwolf NPC
Items Fixed only need to be turned
Login fixxed
Interface customization Spachen
Elaboration of the terrain (starting area)

Changelog 06/03/2015

Building of objects / houses / Purchase of land
Cast effecte involved
Cast effecte fixxed
Cast will now NPC AI

Changelog 2.6.2015

Changelog 2.6.2015


Upgrades from the Project Mail System and any more for you.




The current state of the game we currently have certainly shared a long way but we let him go.

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