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We all dreamed of entering a magical world, slaying an evil dragon with a legendary sword and becoming a hero that save the world. Now the VR Sword Fighting game is coming. Time to take up the sword and write your own legend.

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S.O.D. is now on Greenlight


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  • Intuitive Combat:
    Built for Virtual Realty immersive game experience.
    Combination of Realistic and Fantasy Sword Fighting experience.
    You can block and parry enemy's attack as in the real world and at the same time use magical enchantments and stylish Sword Skills.
    Slash speed determines weapon's damage, combine with dynamic Haptic Feedback, it feels like you're holding a real sword.
    Also You can move freely, no more stationary combat. Actively change your distance with the enemy and look for his counter attack opportunities.
  • Enchantments:
    Enchantments are magic power that can enhance your weapons. Using it to ignite your weapon with flame or shoot them like Lighting. Enchantments are temporary but can greatly change your combat strategy.
  • Sword Skills:
    Unleash astonishing Sword Skill Combos to strike your enemy. Performing Sword Skill is more than just button pressing. You need real mastery of sword fight to perform each attack swiftly and accurately. Inspired by real-world Sword Martial Arts, Sword Skills has been categorized in to several Forms. Each Form has its own style and characteristics. Pick the one you like and try combine the together.

Game Features:
- Multiple Game Modes
- 20+ Weapons divided into 3 Types
- Dual Wielding and Reverse Grip
- 4 Magical Enchantments to enhance your weapon
- 10 Sword Skills from different Forms
- Fearsome Enemies
- Haptic Feedback
- Adjuestable Grapic Settings

Currently Supported Hardware:
- HTC Vive (Steam VR)

Coming Soon:
- Oculus Support
- Non-linear dungeon
- Epic Story line
- 5+ Weapon Types
- 7+ Sword Form with 50+ Unlockable Sword Skills
- 10+ Enchantments with unique power
- Dragons, Golems, Titans and all kinds of magical creature

We're open to Fundings and Donations.
Also recruiting for Animators, VFX Designers, 3D Artists and Programmers to make the game better.

Follow our Facebook page to get the latest updates.
Thanks for your support.

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New version of S.O.D. including ArmSwinger and Run In Place locomotion control methods.

SOD v0.5.1

SOD v0.5.1


Demo for Seekers of Damocles. HTC Vive only. Motion Controllers required Graphic Settings can be changed in game

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