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Secrets of Grindea is an old-school RPG, with co-op support for up to 4 players. In the world of Grindea everything is determined by one thing - how big you collection of stuff is. You take on the role as a young hero (or heroine) taking his or her first steps to become a famed Collector and help collect the most valuable rares in the entire kingdom! The game features zelda-ish gameplay, but with deep character customization and skill systems. We have no classes; you build your hero from scratch putting skill points in almost anything you want, with no level caps holding you back. We have a lengthy main story with dungeons in all shapes and colors, as well as multiple side-quests and hidden secrets~ All this can be played with up to 4 players co-op, or just by yourself if you're more of a single player guy.

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Sep 27 2012 Anchor

the forums for this game seem pretty quite im sure the beta tester forum is getting flooded with helpfull stuff.
but i thought this area could use some activty also, So this thread just like the title says is a place for people to talk about what they like and what they hope might be added into the game.

As it goes for my self, Im just so happy that there is some Devs out there who will take it back to the 90's RPG style.and i can finly move on from secert of evermore on a SNES emu over hamchi for co-op on a game like this lol

Sep 27 2012 Anchor

Hey, but I liked SoE, well, not as much as SoM, but definitely not as much as SoG. xD

Wait.. I'm sensing a trend..
Probably just my imagination.

Oct 9 2012 Anchor

I definitely agree with you. What I love about the indie scene is the fact that they bring back such a treasured art to me, which is why I follow indie games like Starbound and KAG. But when I found out about this, it really takes the cake!

Nov 6 2012 Anchor


I've grown up with games (my first PC was a C64 and my first console a SNES) and thus mainly look on the gameplay of a game, not on the graphics. And what I like about what I've seen yet from Secrets of Grindea is, that it totally focuses on the gameplay. Graphics are a nice-to-have, but the DEVs seem to be persons who only want to make a game they like and have ideas for, not to make the big money. And I think that's something that went amiss in the AAA gaming production.
Secrets of Grindea seems to be the perfect mix of Secret of Mana, Zelda and the 21th century for me. Can't wait to play it.

the Toast

Apr 4 2013 Anchor


I could be more specific but I think that sums it up pretty well.

Mar 1 2014 Anchor

Finally got thru the beta and I gotta say, it was pretty awesome. I can definitely see this being one of the best coop experiences of the past decade. The game feels incredibly polished, even at the stage it's in and there are lots of little things to do to keep you entertained as far as side quests and collectibles go.
Can't wait to see it released as I've gotten at least 5 friends interested enough to get a sale out of them.

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Mar 6 2014 Anchor

Lucky you, game looks like a lot of fun to play with friends. It's been more than a year when I heard about SOG and seeing all the progress makes me impatient :)

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