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Captain a ship in one of the most intense rich-rushes in history! Choose to be ether a Whaler or Merchant and when you set out from port, nothing but your wits stands between you and a watery grave. Seas of Fortune will immerse you in the cold hard truth about life at sea, but you're not alone. Your crew stands with you in your battle for survival and riches. Keep morale up, supplies stocked and the ship in repair. There are riches to be had, and Legends to be found.


  1. Become a powerful merchant - earn money by trading, exploring, or taking on transport missions. Enjoy the beauty of the sea!
  2. Earn enough gold to buy bigger and better ships.
  3. Customise your captain`s cabin with the finest furnishings.
  4. Protect your cargo from pirates and hostile nations.
  5. Carve whale art while at sea - create something beautiful to sell for extra gold, or show it off online to your fellow Captains.
  6. Interact with your crew - sing sea shanties or dig into conversation to find out who they are. Bond with them and earn their trust!
  7. Intuitive interface and gameplay - enjoy the great atmospheric gameplay at your own pace. Make your own adventure.
  8. Craft items to sell or use towards repairing your ship.
  9. Explore fully-realised ships, with something to do around every corner.
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seas of fortune7

Hey All!

Its been a while, these last few months after the summer was rough, and involved a lot of hard work considering we have no budget and we have to keep such an ambitious project alive!

We had our last community build out a while back and used a lot of the feedback we got from the greatest community on earth to fix and tweak things, so here is a list of what we have been up to, lets get straight to it!

DuK1HmxWsAAsymz 1



Our great animator Captain Lee spent a whole lot of time doing animations for us, as you saw in our previous update he spent most of his time on the first person hands. We have now added some of those in the build, after that he spent even more time doing some animations for the crew members, the focus this time was mostly idle animations.

giphy 2

Conversations is always crucial for having "life" on the ship, so constantly finding out what fits is not only a fun progress but challenging.


Did you steal my bread?!


Having the crew do random idle animations that would make sense on a ship is also very important.

ezgif 1 add5bc6cc386


Build Notes:

Lets jump to some tech stuff!

-=- Version 0.4.1 Notes -=-

* Implemented TRADING - Players can now buy / sell goods at ports. Each port has its own economy!

* Modified the 'Third-person' camera view (Pressing 'V') with limiters and slightly smoother transitions (WIP)

* Added the Crew System which includes two different behaviors (Deck Scrubbing, Talking). (In the future, Crew members will be able to dynamically switch between tasks)

* Crew Members now have their clothing and beard randomized

* Added a weather system (it can rain, clouds can change, etc.)

* Added a day & night system (currently too fast!)

* Completed Crafting System and UI overhaul

* Added the character customization screen (portrait)

* Added the ability to use a candle ("L") when its dark

* Added the ability to pick up and hold a pipe ("P")

* Added lanterns throughout the ship which can be turned on/off ("E")

* Added cannons that can be fired (X6) ("E")

* Sails are now animated (only an idle cycle for the time being)

* Integrated audio hooks on the character (walking)

* Integrated audio tracks and ambient loops (including a dynamic ambient audio system that is synchronized with ship water movement)

* Added some crafting recipes

* Improved water physics (buoyancy) and ship's navigation controls (WIP)

* When using the whipstaff to navigate, can now lean left/right using "Z" and "C"

* Replaced previous islands with new models, textures and lighting

* Improved the Quest System by adding a new series of new Quest Categories: Craft a good, Buy a good, Sell a good. A new quest relating to crafted is now active by default.

* Added contextual UI callouts -> When nearby an 'interactive station' (Whipstaff, Fiddler, etc.), when close to a Port, etc.

* Multiple improvements to the ship's collisions

* Changed the compass (now using a 2D UI asset) and waypoints

* Added 'water splash' effects for the ship to make it feels a bit more realistic

* Partial reskin of the Quest Book

* Skinned multiple UI elements (popups, callouts)

* Fixed multiple issues relating with 'game context' which resulted in mouse locks and other unwanted behaviors

* Fixed multiple animation quirks and issues

* Fixed multiple critical level shader issues that would prevent the game from working on various tech configurations

* Optimized volumetric light performances

* Optimized and streamlined visual assets to improve performances on lower end systems (GTX 580 / 8gb RAM)

* Added a demo version text overlay to quickly walk through new controls


Character Customization:

Previously this was only tested outside the build. But we also added the option to change beards after some feedback from twitter, once we get more characters this option will be enabled in the build.

ezgif 1 aebf6da51685

I did not have the time to finish the frame in time to get it in the build. But whatever picture you choose here, will be displayed on your Captains table.



Whenever you reach a port now, you can buy and sell goods for either making a profit, or for crafting at the workshop.

ezgif 1 ffe3dc842996

As the game progresses we will add more and more goods for to sell or buy. The wallpaper will properly display the port you are in as well, creating a unique animation in the different ports.

ezgif 1 f40deb65796f



We have of course worked on the physics, which seems to be a never ending thing. Steering feels a bit heavier now, so does the turn ratio. Also, sailing at night when you cant see anything? Of course, why not!

ezgif 1 121d3dfa8ea2

ezgif 1 d5d2a8b27a42



We have added a few crafting recipes, so harpoons and rum can now be made on the ship. If you run out of items you would have to buy these at port. Harpoons can be sold at outposts for a pretty nice profit. Adding new recipes is also something we will continue to add as we go.

ezgif 1 021debe504fd



We have not added any crew interaction as of right now, except the fiddler (He will play a song if you want him to) But you can watch your crew mates work and talk around the ship.

ezgif 1 44b01d04b926

ezgif 1 5d0671f85cb7



Of course, firing cannons is the fun part! Later on you will be able to command your crew to do this for you!

ezgif 1 fb78a6c65705


Whats next?

As we throttle trough with tweaking and adjusting things on feedback, I have also started a new player ship! Yes, I know, very exciting!

This time its the Cocca Veneta, a 16th century was an unarmed merchant vessel , trading from the Mediterranean, in particular Venice. The term 'Cocca' was applied to small merchant ships sailing from Venice to the east.
Characterized by a high prow and stern and a simple, maneuverable rig with 3 square and 2 lateen sails.
Their length was 20-30 meters and under 2000 tonnes displacement.

This ship also has a different and earlier steering mechanism which provides a new play style.

Take a look at the model I am working from here:



s l1600

n212 nave mercantile


If you want to reach out for whatever reason, you can always send us an email at contact@seasoffortune.com or check out our website at www.seasoffortune.com


Until next time Captains, Have a great Christmas and a happy new year!

- Captain Tommy

 Seas of Fortune - Dev Update #15 - Aim`n Fire - FX - Pistol - Pirate ship in the works!

Seas of Fortune - Dev Update #15 - Aim`n Fire - FX - Pistol - Pirate ship in the works!


This last month we have focused on FX, some new models, textures, starting an NPC ship and animations.

Seas of Fortune - Dev Update #14 - News, News and & News

Seas of Fortune - Dev Update #14 - News, News and & News


A look at why Kickstarter was cancelled, the team behind the game, some asset creation and new animations.

Seas of Fortune - Live on Kickstarter!

Seas of Fortune - Live on Kickstarter!


The day has arrived, we are live on kickstarter! Come check out the campaign and throw us some support if you can! <3

Seas of Fortune - Dev Update #13 - Pre-Alpha Trailer and other stuff

Seas of Fortune - Dev Update #13 - Pre-Alpha Trailer and other stuff


The name change, new game logo, whats next and of course a pre-alpha trailer.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 26)

I love the name change, has more character

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
TrymStudios Creator

Thank you, glad you like it!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
INtense! Staff

Keep up the crazy detailed updates!

Reply Good karma+3 votes
TrymStudios Creator

Thank you! Will for sure!

Cheers, Tommy

Reply Good karma+3 votes

graphically it is beautiful

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
TrymStudios Creator

Hopefully we will have the same impression tech wise. :) Thank you!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

So looking forward to this! good luck on the project!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
TrymStudios Creator

Thank you!!

Reply Good karma+1 vote

have you ever thought of adding rare albino whales like say a white sperm whale (does that sound familiar?) it would be epic (and horrifying) to see moby **** himself (atleast a close representation of it) jumping out of the water.

if you have then discard this comment but if you haven't then your welcome.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TrymStudios Creator

Trust me when I say we have some plans for this! ;)

Sometime after release, you will have a pleasant surprise regarding that specific story! It would be almost natural to have it, wouldn't it? :D

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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