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Plunder treasure, explore new uncharted lands, or just live the life of a fisherman in Seafarer! Seafarer is an exciting exploration RPG for PC with endless possibilities. Game Features: Adventure: Explore a whole new world, and chart your own destiny. Choose where to go, when you want to! Sell fish you catch, buy upgrades for your ship to go even further into the beyond! Discovery: Discovering new things will earn you fame, and the more famous you are in the world of Seafarer, the better towns and cities will treat you, offering discounts and much more! You even get to name your own landmarks. Danger: There are forces on the high seas that will do anything to keep you from discovering the world's secrets. Watch out for hurricanes, strong currents, and even pirates! Customize your ship: Expand the cargo capacity, mess hall, and living quarters to hire even more crew! Crew: Hire more crew members at taverns, which allow you to spot things, go further distances, and more!

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