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SculptrVR is an interactive world-builder for the HTC Vive. You can build at any scale. Make yourself as large as a mountain or as small as a flower. Build a detailed world, explore it from a different scale, and then blow it up with rockets.

SculptrVR is a complete world building experience, but it's continuing to grow and improve.

Coming soon:

  • Multiplayer over Steam
  • Upload and share your worlds
  • Download and explore worlds built by others
  • Game inside the sculpted worlds
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Epic has awarded a number of developers with funding in its latest round of its Unreal Dev Grants program, with this group receiving a combined total of $80,000 in development support. Included in this round of funding were six projects, including a couple related to VR.

One is a series of VR development tutorials and resources by Mitch McCaffrey, who is creating a series of YouTube videos to help VR developers around the Unreal Engine. The other project was SculptrVR from Nathan Rowe, a sandbox level creation tool that is unique in its ability to allow you to create content at vastly different scales by changing your own perspective.

SculptrVR also includes multiplayer support, allowing different players to be concurrently building the world, each at their own scales. One player could be placing giant trees, while another could be working on small details at ground level.

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The Unreal Dev Grants were established in February of this year to provide support to anyone working with Unreal Engine 4. Epic has set aside US$5 million for the grants, and – including this latest round, has currently awarded US$1.3 million of it to various recipients.

SculptrVR is currently available on Steam for the HTC Vive, and is 20% off for the last few days of the summer sale. Support for the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR is planned for the future.


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