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Scaffold 22 is a web-based interactive story set in the distant future. You take on the role of Vine, a former mercenary lieutenant turned abomination hunter, on a quest unravel an ominous conspiracy. The game can be played by visiting the homepage listed on the profile.

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punk0x29a says

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Woah, this one actually immersed me.
Writing is helluva good, storyline is quite intriguing, and I'm truly interested what will happen next.
Phillip K. ****-ish world is nothing really new, but it's very solid.
If you liked Shadowrun or E.Y.E, and you're into text-based adventures, give this one a try. It's a time eater.

Technically-wise I'm very impressed by the game's web interface. It's fast, sleek and CSS remains rock solid throughout all devices I played on so far.

Now onto the "bad" things. Note that those are based on my personal tastes and they should not feel bounding for anyone:

1) I hate the artwork. I feel it's poorly done. Reminds me of early days of NewGrounds. Such a game deserves better. I'd just LOVE to see pictures in style of BeksiƄski, Siudmak or Giger.

2) I find music kind of dull and distracting. I would like to hear some more down-tempo, Boards Of Canada / Carbon Based Lifeforms style, which is just perfect for a cyberpunk adventure in serious tone.

Well... That's all I had to say. Keep up the good work. And thanks for the game!


Xamp says

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