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Satellite Command takes you into orbit around a stunning representation of our home planet, Earth. Take command of your own space agency, complete real contracts, research advanced technology and carefully manage your resources and reputation to learn more about the wonders of the Universe.

A simulation / arcade hybrid designed to make astrophysics approachable, with over 150 contracts based on real mission data. An RNG system and an ever expanding list of missions ensures that no two games will ever be the same!

Developed in tandem with space-industry experts, Satellite Command features a realistic astrophysics simulation and harnesses the graphical power of Unreal Engine 4 for a truly out-of-world experience.

Features of Satellite Command:

• Realistic astrophysics simulation, plan and change your orbits to get as close or far from Earth as you dare!

• RNG system that ensures no two play-throughs will ever be the same!

• Hundreds of contracts to complete, based on real mission data. Learn about the wonders of the Universe.

• Player progression system and stats tracking, with an elite Achievement and Leaderboard integration.

• Special Events weekends and a regularly updated list of mission data!

• Unforgiving gameplay designed to encourage learning by doing - the same way we did in reality.

• Procedurally generated technology tree to explore.

• Fully remappable keybindings, a host of graphical options, 4K and Steam Cloud support.

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Satellite Command is a realistic astrophysics simulator set in a stunning representation of low-earth orbit. Balance the undertaking of contracts with the resources of your agency and Satellites, research advanced technology and learn about the weird and wonderful phenomenon of the universe.

Stormtide has just released a free update for the game, addressing player feedback about the difficulty curve, adding additional depth to the game-play and even adding a new Sandbox mode. v1.1 also introduces many key bug fixes and other minor changes to improve the user experience.

A brand-new playlist system adds different difficulty modes to the game and a refreshing option for those who quickly mastered the mechanics. Casual mode is perfect for newcomers or those who enjoy the games atmospheric pace and want to quickly unlock the entire catalogue of contracts. Standard mode keeps the original pace and balance, while Hardcore mode puts the player under pressure to plan in advance and carefully balance their resources.

Perhaps the most requested feature of the patch is the brand-new interactive tutorial. The game intentionally launched with a brief tutorial, in the hope that players would build a community and generate discussion around how best to play the game. Ultimately however this risk did not pay off and the learning curve was too steep for most, so the developers have built a completely new tutorial that walks you through several missions, launching and upgrading Satellites, undertaking research and docking with the Space Station.

Alongside difficulty modes, a new Sandbox Mode has also been added – which removes the concept of credits and lets you launch and destroy Satellites at your own free will, with no detriment to the outcome of the game. Of course, Leaderboards and the Catalogue are not updated during Sandbox mode – you’ll need to be playing Standard or Hardcore mode for that!

There are also hints that the playlist system will support special events, like “double money” weekends and seasonal events. If the game catches on, this could be the first of many free updates for the title!

Satellite Command is available for Windows PC on Steam, Green Man Gaming, Humble and Amazon for £6.99

Click here for more information on this latest patch.

Click here for press materials.

Stormtide official website.

About Stormtide Ltd.

Stormtide is an independent game developer based in Cornwall, UK.

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