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Genre: Survival/Adventure/Sandbox

Players: 1



- Play: Shows the menu to play the game (with different modes).

- Main Game: The main sandbox game.

- Bug War: A challenge for the player to defeat all the bugs that are trying to defeat the player.

- Car War: A challenge for the player to defeat all the cars that are trying to defeat the player.

- test: A challenge for the player the platform his way to the other side and fire at "things".

- Battle: A battle between the player and a bunch of "things" shooting at the player.

- Maze:

- Maze With Map: A maze with assistance using a map.

- Maze No Map: The same maze without the map.

- test 2: A platforming challenge where the player must stay on spinning platforms.

- Stay On: A game mode where the player must stay on the platform.

- Haunted House: A haunted house to roam around in.

- Back arrow: Returns to the main menu.

- Controls: Shows the controls on how to play the game.

- Tips: Shows the tips for the game.

- Exit: Quits the game.


- Main Game: The main game is a survival adventure sandbox game that holds many things that the player can do. The player can defeat enemies, rob from a bank, use the money to buy upgrades and items, and explore the open area.

- Bug War: This is a challenge for the player to defeat the bugs that threaten the player.

- Car War: This is a challenge for the player to defeat the cars that threaten the player.

- test: A challenge for the player to platform his way to the other side and fire at "things".

- Battle: A battle mode for the player.

- Maze: A maze that the player can go through and try to attempt to get out of, this mode has two flavors: with a map, and without a map. The maze with the map is a difficulty for players that need help with the maze. The maze without the map is for experienced players who know how to get out of a maze and like a challenge doing so.

- test 2: A platforming challenge where the player must stay on spinning platforms.

- Stay On: A platforming challenge for the player.

- Haunted House: A mode where the player can roam inside a haunted house.


- Bugs: The basic enemy of the game, they seem to wonder around aimlessly.

- Cars: The enemy that targets the player and tries to defeat the player.

- Brad: The enemy that circles around the player to annoy the player.

- "Things": The enemy that shoot projectiles at the player.


- Arrow Keys = move

- Mouse = look

- W = forward

- S = backward

- A = move left

- D = move right

- R = Reload

- T = map tilt down

- Y = map tilt up

- F = fire targets

- G = map zoom in

- H = map zoom out

- L Shift = speed up

- R Shift = speed down

- Enter = car speed

- M = toggle map

- Space = jump

- L Ctrl = fire

- L Mouse = fire

- End = trail off

- Home = trail on

- Esc = exit level


- Don't fall too fast! There is fall damage.

- Beware of bugs! They shoot.

- Cars are fast and deadly!

- Brad is annoying.

- Learn the controls well.

- Power-ups are random, beware!

- There are many game mode available, more are always coming!

- The map is controllable

- Targets are for target practice

- Use reloads wisely.


Winnable modes: The maze and the battle modes can be won.

Day and Night system: The main game changes from day to night then back to day again.

Shop System: The player can buy items with the money collected in the game.

Enemies to defeat: The player can defeat a wide variety of enemies that challenge the player.

Exploration: The player can roam around and enjoy the game for what it is.

Power-Ups/Power-Downs: Take a gamble of what the next pick up will be, could it benefit you, or could it hinder you? Only lady luck can decide!

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2.0 beta

2.0 beta


this is my 1st game ever. its a sandbox where you have to stay alive.


This game looks very nice!
But when I tried it, the Graphics is Crap, I know that you can improve the Graphics a bit, and at least make the player longer so the camera does't overlap the ground.

But it is still good, and it works at least....

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