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Samphi is primarily a story driven RPG set in a randomly generated, destructible sandbox universe. You will fight across many randomly generated levels, craft, build, level up and collect gear. Most importantly; you play the game how you decide. With 2 game modes, story & freeplay, you can either play through my story or create your own. Story - Samphi is a story about a relationship between 'boy' and 'girl'. Through re-living memories along the timeline of their relationship (all set in sandbox, randomly generated environments) you will learn their story. To do so you will have to master the art of crafting, survival, building and combat. Freeplay - In freeplay mode the world is yours. There is no goal, just sandbox goodness. Create your own world, live your own story and use your skills to survive. Samphi is going to soon be in an alpha funding stage and so you can get a good idea of what the game is going to become and grab yourself an early copy at a discounted price.

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This game looks great! especially for a Pre-Alpha.
It's style is refreshing en nice textured, and i love
that you have that little dog ingame!

Keep up the good job!



pretty cool.... pretty cool

This Game It's Very Awesome. (Sorry for my bad English, I'm French)



I really like this game, and I would love to see it's full release :) I enjoy having the pet dog because it makes the game a little less lonely. I really like the quick Dev responses. I cant believe how much is done despite it only being a pre-alpha release! yeah it's buggy here and there, but what do you expect from a pre-alpha? 10/10 would love to back up the dev any way I can.


evilmitten says

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This game has a lot of potential, its like a mix of minecraft and terraria - BOOH RIPOFF! - no its quite different judging by the alpha. Samphi still has some obvious bugs and glitches, it is still in alpha so I'm sure those will be fixed. i'm not sure what the dog is going for,maybe pets? the game is kind of and RPG Survival, I've never played a survival game with RPG elements! I'm sure people will love that! The textures and environment make me feel worm and fuzzy on the inside,its very pretty, comparing to terraria and minecraft, even to other games too. The creator of this game clearly knows what lots of people want to play, a good survival game, and a well made RPG. RPG wise this game probably wont contain too much, thought I think it will play a BIG part in the future of this game! the survival part, I'm not sure about, it seems to going in the right direction, but will there be a hunger bar? monsters? Pvp? what is stopping you from building a house, a crop, and having a good life? I adore the idea behind this game and cant wait for it to be more finalized! the animations in this game seem to make sense and are very well fitted with the environment around the character, what will the creator surprise us with next? Well, that's that! P.s the dog is cute.

It wasn't much and I didn't get help. You can sorf of make a tutorial.

Although it has some minor bugs, I'm sure when it's finished it will be one hell of addicting game


This Is defiantly a unique game with a lot of potential and I think with the help of everyone this could become big.


I liked the gameplay but it lacks feeling for me.