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BEWARE! Beware the world of Atys, although seemingly calm and serene, is being attacked by horrific Kitins. These powerful, mutated arachnids are swarming everywhere and have only one goal: to destroy you! BEWARE! Beware the two great, opposed and mysterious forces: The Kami - Legendary spirits of nature and the Karavan - Techno warriors from outer space. Take part in their struggle for world domination, and, if you dare - pick a side!

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Ryzom is the best MMORPG I've ever played, mainly thanks to its strong universe and its marvellous community. If you're searching a MMORPG where the letters RP are well used, Ryzom is the one !
Moreover you can totally personalise your skills wich make each character unique, the craft system is awesome because each crafter may have his own unique recipe to make usefull goods...

Ryzom is a great game, its world is unique, as you run around Atys you can see the environment acting pretty realistic. You may see animals drinking water, frogs or insects like butterflies (that you cannot target, so they are just background) jump or fly around and making sounds.

Even more, there is weather, you can see it raining or snowing, you can hear the wind blows (and there is a system about the times of year, if you become a harvester you will notice that certain roots or plants can be found during some seasons and not others, or so I 've heard, I am not a harvester).

Plus the crafting system is good, every object has some quality, so to make a good pair of boots you 'll need not only good skill but good material as well.

Even more, the world is beautiful, even if it is a 9 - 10 years old game, its colors are great, even at night.

And I forgot to mention, there is NO restriction to what your character can do, there are no classes, you can develop your character up to 250 lvl (free to 125).

Plus the monthly fee is VERY low (and you can play for free until 125 level)


Excellent game!!


great easy play


This game looks awesome in gameplay for an RPG

One of the nicer MMORPGs, and having quite an enhanced Crafting-System.

You'l start on a Starting-Island, an isolated Ara, where you can learn how to fight, and make your first advances in the Game.

The Sklltree is especially interesting, as each Cathegory levels by what you do seperately.

At the Same time, you can have the Sklls to craft Weapons/armor, enchant, use Magic, Forage on spawned Resource-Ponts, Fight with Magic Weapons and so on.

As you advance through the levels, you'll gain more Ailities, that do like to be managed:
Your Foraging-Locations disappear before you get enough resources? -Invest into Skill-components, that increase the Time they stay available/stable or your foraging-Speed.
You can'tfind Resources? - Prospect helps you spawning some.
while you use those skills, the'll each earn Experiece in their seperated Experience-cathegory, once you'll finish the Main-Sill, you'l continue to the Sub-Tree of the Sam one, enhancing your abilities even more.


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