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  • Genre is old school shoot 'em up like an Japanese 90's arcade shooter.
  • No bullet-hell.
  • No bomb.
  • No combo & buzz.
  • No gems, medals and any other bonus items.
  • DirectInput and XInput are supported. You can operate with either analog stick or D-pad.
  • 7 Stages per 1 round.
  • The player fighter can have 2 weapons.
  • The weapon-1 can be equipped with one of five types of weapons, and can not be changed except at the start of the game.
  • The weapon-2 can be equipped with one of five types of weapons or shields, and can be changed not only at the start of the game but also by taking items during the game.
  • The player fighter's speed can be switched between 1st speed and 5th speed.
  • The fighter type-II has a higher mobility than type-I, but hard to control.
  • Fine configuration changes are possible.
  • 3 difficulties.
  • Credits are required to play games, but you can add as many credits as you wish by pressing the credit button. This is an arcade-game-like feature.

Option settings

  • Switch windowed mode or full screen mode.
  • Adjust the window size. Original window size is 320x240.
  • Adjust vertical scale of the screen, if you want to adjust aspect ratio.
  • Adjust the window position to center of display screen.
  • BGM volume control.
  • SFX volume control.
  • The difficultiy of the game to choose from three, normal, hard or insane.
  • When using XInput gamepad, you can adjust the dead zone of the analog stick.
  • Indicate or not help messages of menu screens.
  • Remember player name (score name) or not to ini file.
  • V-sync for full screen.
  • Reset local leaderboards data.
  • Key settings of the keyboard, XInput gamepad and DirectInput gamepad.
  • Restore default settings.

Extra Options

  • Practice mode (Stage select mode).
  • If you want to play your ogg files in this game, you can change BGM with the playlist editor.

In-game options

  • Adjust the brightness of game screen.
  • Choose font colors and shadow.
  • Choose weapon stat icons' position or turn off.
  • Choose position of in-game messages or turn off.
  • Switch SFX on or off when enemies attacks.
  • Switch shards effect on or off when enemies has destroid. Explosion anime can not be turned off.
  • Switch smoose scroll and sprite rotation on or off.
  • Switch display of FPS information on or off.
  • Restore default settings.
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