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CREATE and PLAY games easily with RPG Playground.

As the "Super Mario Maker for RPG's", RPG Playground makes it enjoyable to bring your story and world to life. The interface is so straightforward that you can finish your first game in a weekend. Graphics, sounds, music and game features are included, so you can focus on your imagination.

Try the free early access now at rpgplayground.com.


Have fun making your own RPG. No other game creating tool is as enjoyable and straightforward as RPG Playground. Its intuitive interface doesn't require you to read or watch hours of tutorials.


Play unlimited RPG's from people around the world. Discover their surprising worlds and stories.


Let others discover your game instantly.


  1. Make your own fast paced action RPG, like The Legend of Zelda
  2. Build your world by dragging items and characters
  3. Bring your story to life without programming
  4. Easily configure the artificial intelligence of enemies and allies
  5. Switch between building and playing in an instant
  6. Finish your first small game in a weekend
  7. Play an infinite supply of user created games
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Easy programming wizard


Object Oriented Programming difficult? Haha, no it isn't. 14 year olds just click stuff on my platform and create game functionality with ease. Burn those books and ignore lengthy tutorials.

Screenplay wizard

Start right now at Rpgplayground.com , no prior knowledge required.

My new 0.38 release for RPG Playground makes it super easy for anyone to create functionality. The scripting language is called "Screenplay" and is based on Object Oriented concepts.

This Week In Indie Games: August 18 2018

This Week In Indie Games: August 18 2018


The biggest indie gaming stories for the week of August 18 2018.

Compose your own action game with RPG Playground

Compose your own action game with RPG Playground


In the latest update of RPG Playground, you can include action combat in your game. Your main hero can wield a sword and fight monsters. Even the toddler...

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