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A simple yet addictive multiplayer game where you can fight monsters and increase levels in 14 different skills. Come and invite your friends too, it is fun! Free to Play! Open Beta!

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RPG MO V43 - PvP, Quests

First let's talk about ingame PvP now.

New feature and map!
No Man's land.
User Posted Image
No man's land is 95% PvP map. There is little safe zone.
Q: What are Perks on that map?
A1: Monsters have higher hp as usual, meaning faster leveling
A2: Can loot Different PvP bags.
A3: Can mine fire stone
A4: can kill and loot enemy equipments
Q: What happens if i get killed by monster?
A: Death will be same as usual when get killed by monsters, keep 2 most valuable item + pet if it's equipped or +7 item + pet with potion of preservation.
Q: If i'm level 30 , can i get killed by level 100?
A: Yes and No. For that you need to be in danger zone 70. Danger zone determinates by who you can get attacked and who you can attack.
Danger zone +- your level to attack or get attacked.
Q: How danger zone increases?
A: From map left corner to right.
Q: Where i can see Danger level/ Zone?
A: Danger zone will be shown on the right corner.
User Posted Image
Q: what gift bags give ?
A: TBA, might Gladiator, ichor forging items get moved into those bags like they were ment at first time.
New map will bring 7 new monster, 1 world boss and 1 NPC
Novice Knight
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
Boss: World Tree ( Level 3775)
User Posted Image
Npc: Loot Master
User Posted Image
Q: For what Loot master is?
A: You can take out items you got by killing others ppl from that place.
Q: What happens with my loots what loot master has when i get killed by player or a monster
A1: When you get killed by player, then every item inside your loot master chest, will be transported into killer loot master chest, it don't have limits.. so when some one is on streak and has collected more than 500 item.. then you can get those 500 loots when killing him. Unless he reaches to loot master and collects everything.
A2: When you get killed by monster. Then you drop every item that you have collected into loot master. So there is no safe dieing on PvP map.
Q: Am i allowed to teleport on PvP map?
A: no, house deeds, teleport scrolls are disabled on PvP map. Running is only friend there.
Q: What happens when i get attacked after i killed a monster or player?
A1: Bad Luck....
A2: Bad Luck....
Q: Will there be some ranking/ statistic


And now let's speak about Quests
Where and how to make them and rewards.

There are 46 Quest right now!
You will get quests automatically after you complete highest requested quest.
You can have more than 1 quest active at time. (using quest repeat permission).
You an see quests down at quests tab
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
Completing quests may give you EXP,Coins or MOS points, Depending on quest level.
User Posted Image
After completing quests you can repeat them if you can't complete next.
YOu need Quest Repetaing permission for that( a lot monsters drop them)
After that go to quest interface and click on restart( need to have Quest repeating permission inside inventory)
How much and what Exp i get from quests ?
Same way as training combat, if quest reward shows you gained 400 exp.
Then it depends what mode you have under options.
When agressive then your exp will go into strength+hp

Controlled then exp will split thru all skills.

Don't forget to support us and play at Rpg.mo.ee or Desura

RPG MO Patch Notes

RPG MO Patch Notes


Game music, kettle, mixed foods, new plants, bugfixes all that with latest patch!

RPG MO new features

RPG MO new features

News 1 comment

Spell obelisks, spell crafting, amulets, magic items crafting, chat channels

Again Update

Again Update


Faster Movement, Bugfixes, Road Signs, Legendary Equipments, New Item to Forge!

New Patch, V42 released

New Patch, V42 released

News 1 comment

Friend list, Ignore list, Dragons Lair, New Wings!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 65)
Omegakill - - 367 comments

Interesting that the comments below this seem to come from accounts that only have one comment in them, and that is for this game, I smell a very strong odor of ********.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
limaleaf10 - - 1 comments

This game is addictive. Lots to do (grind and farm) but very rewarding in the end.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
plaize - - 1 comments

An excellent game with a wide variety of Skills to choose from. From fishing, to mining, to combat, to magic, this games will keep you entertained at every moment. With a large amount of freedom, as well as a great community, you will never be bored.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
aquitaniagab - - 1 comments

This is one game I can't stop playing. It's lightweight and multi-platform ready. It has a fairly simple interface and a much simpler design, but it has so much depth that it got me hooked since I've started playing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
wontyaholla - - 1 comments

Totally loving this game! Fun to play, addicting, and best of all, completely free! No "premium only" content, all maps and quests are available to all players, and while there is in-game currency which can be bought, that currency is also handed out to players. My only complaint is that while there is mobile version native to Android, there is no such app on iOS. The game is playable from any browser, but this does not work well, at least not on my iPhone 5S.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
dmtzera - - 1 comments

Pretty good game! One of the best retro experiences i have had so far! Simple play it, free to play guys go on! Really a merge between Ultima Online and Runescape classic. Awesome!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
dans-fb - - 1 comments

Amazing game Feels very retro a ton of skills to train and keep you busy and a great comunity! you should defo check this game out as ur missing out!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pancake_Ninja132 - - 379 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 698,727 comments

awesome game come join us!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
paak1433017241 - - 1 comments

2D Sandbox rpg, with over 14 different skills and a whole world consisting of dozen maps. It's really simply, but addicting to play and I really like how the game have regular updates so you always have new things to do.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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