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Dina is the young heiress of the Ganlir's kingdom throne. However she has no desire to inherit it. There is only one thing this 11 year old princess wants: To explore the world with her own two feet. However her father, Alder Ganlir, doesn't allow her to leave the palace and locks Dina in her room at night. However, one night a fairy visited her room and gifted her a magic stone that allows her to teleport to it! Now that Dina has the power to escape she will have to stealth through the patrolling guards and solving puzzles to open doors. But there are many ways to exit the palace, which one will she choose?

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Hello everyone!

We are so excited to announce that Royal Skedaddle is finally here!

You can play it on our Itch.io page. If you do we would really welcome filling the google forms that is at the bottom of the page (Just above the download button) so we can get feedback on how to improve the game!

We can also share with you the trailer and some screenshots from the game!




Quest Updated


Thank you to everyone who followed the development so far and I hope you all have fun playing the game!




Its Almost Here!

Its Almost Here!


We are just a few days away from the vertical slice release of Royal Skedaddle! So in the mean time here is what we've been up to in the time we haven't...

Guards going 3D!

Guards going 3D!

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This week we can show you the current progress of the model of the guards!

Animating DIna!

Animating DIna!


Hello everyone! Today we'll show you Dina's almost finished animations!

Inside the Palace!

Inside the Palace!


Hello everyone! This week we can show you some of the environment concepts (Already in 3D).

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