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What is Roundous?

Unique fast paced puzzle game that you try to prevent cars crashing and rescue them by gathering as a convoy at each level.


Our circle obsessed alien friend Zero wanders across the universe, because the universe is a perfect place with full of spherical objects. One day he discovers the planet Earth. He decides to investigate this planet. What Zero sees doesn't fit his obsessions. Then he decides to transform everything into a circular form. But roads are not meant to be circular! Zero dedicates himself to show this is wrong. He knows one day humans will understand the true perfection of circles and spheres. He believes they just need some time to get used to. In the meantime, Zero helps them to avoid accidents...

Key Features


  • Meticulously prepared 60 levels welcome you to experience this unique gameplay.
  • Decorated with the beautiful and colourful 3D graphics, you will find something different at each level.
  • 3 terrific worlds with breathtaking sceneries.
  • Over 18 cool cars to unlock and play with.
  • When it is not enough, use Zero's special powers to do so!


  • The game will challenge you to prevent car accidents like you have never done before! Use switches to prevent cars from crashing.
  • Sometimes your cars will be hit by a train, sometimes by stone columns. But you are Zero, the obsessed alien. You are not desperate. You have powers!
  • Various special objectives with special cars are here for more challenge!

Release Features: Achievements, trading cards

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Roundous on Steam Greenlight


This is Roundous. A fast-paced arcade puzzle. It has a unique main task: Make a convoy and prevent cars from crashing.

Each level consists of circular roads. Those roads intersect at certain points. The player clicks on the intersection points in order to change the route of the cars on that road. When cars with different speed are set in the same route and placed accordingly, the convoy, and the level is completed. Some roads contain obstacles such as a construction, and cars on it need to change their routes within seconds. Moments like this helps the game gain a faster-paced character than an average puzzle game. Here is the gameplay trailer for a clearer view:

The game is set on three worlds with different themes; rural, seaside and world cities. The first two are self-explanatory, and the third world contains famous structures from all around the world. Each level has 20 maps, totalling in 60 levels for the game. Cars also vary, with some cars such as ambulance or school bus need to complete side missions such as reaching hospital or dropping off the kids.

Roundous is the result of one and a half years of hard work. The game is on the very final stages of the development. And from now on, we are starting the publishing process. The first checkpoint is Steam Greenlight.

If you liked what you’ve seen, please support us so we can get greenlit and publish the game on Steam.

Steam Greenlight

Thanks in advance!

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