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A myst-like fan-game based on the story of Myst. The game takes place in the world of Myst in a parallel story of Atrus and his family. The engine of the game is UDK (Unreal Engine 3). It will be a single-player game, faithful to the Myst serie games.

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Yazorius says

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(version française, cf plus bas)

english : Amateur games are more and more frequently close to the professional quality. Roonsehv is one of them. It is beautiful, fluid, intriguing, varied, logical, challenging, and offers a main story motivating the player to go to the end of the game. The difficulty is not insurmountable for anyone who will take the time to read, observe, take notes, understand the psychology of characters.

Close to games like Riven, but with a full 3D engine, RoonSehv offers current graphics, and is a Must-have for any adventurer who is not afraid to think a little in beautiful places embellished with a rich musical background. Take your time, enjoy it : free games of this quality are not plenty.

Do not go with head down, relax, and if you really block, the project manager is particularly attentive to the questions, remarks and intelligently provides clues as needed, without spoiling the pleasure of understanding what to do and how. Just a very good game as we'd wish to see more.

french : Les jeux amateurs sont, de plus en plus fréquemment, à hauteur des jeux professionnels. Roonsehv est de ceux-ci. Il est beau, fluide, intrigant, varié, logique, difficile, et propose une trame principale qu'on se plait à suivre jusqu'au bout. La difficulté n'est pas insurmontable pour toute personne qui prendra le temps de tout lire, observer, noter, comprendre.

Dans la ligne de pensée des jeux à la Riven, avec un moteur 3D proposant des graphismes actuels, Roonsehv est un Must pour tout aventurier n'ayant pas peur de se prendre un peu la tête dans des lieux magnifiques agrémentés d'un univers musical riche et varié. Prenez votre temps, savourez-le : des jeux gratuits de cette qualité, il n'y en a pas pléthore.

Ne foncez pas tête baissée, laissez-vous transporter, et si vous bloquez vraiment, le chef du projet est particulièrement à l'écoute des questions, remarques et dispense intelligemment des indices selon les besoins, sans jamais gâcher le plaisir de comprendre soi-même quoi faire et comment. Un très bon jeu, tout simplement.


bluetiane says

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Très fan des Myst, j'ai pris énormément de plaisir à retrouver avec Roonsehv l'ambiance de l'univers D'ni avant Myst. Ce jeux est fluide, attirant, mystérieux. Les énigmes pas toujours faciles mais réalisables avec beaucoup d'attention. La musique d'ambiance nous plonge dans un univers de calme, de sérénité qui nous change de nos jeux actuels. Non, vraiment, si vous avez aimé Myst vous ne pouvez d'adorer Roonsehv. Il vous captivera. Il ne vous lâchera pas.


jouxjoux says

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Très beau jeu. Je vous le conseille.
Il faut soutenir les jeux faits par les indépendants et qui sont gratuits. Merci

Marvellouse game. free game


Allahweh says

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"RoonSehv" is a great game that captures the essence of the Myst universe (and even has an official nod as a side-story from Cyan Worlds!). It's a short game, but it tells an interesting story and may take longer for some players to get through due to the complexity of the puzzles and the cryptic nature of some of the clues.

My only real complaint with the game was its rather unoptimized engine, resulting in average framerates of 30-45 in most places (and 60+ only in select areas), but this doesn't make the game any less playable, really, it's just a minor annoyance. Also, support for all resolutions supported by one's graphics card might have been nice (I have a 21:9 ultra-wide display).

The soundtrack is fantastic, and might be one of the greatest strengths of this game.

Overall, this is a free game and it is a worthwhile experience for any Myst fan. It feels like an official game, minus a couple minor flaws.


Simon_ASA says

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Roonsehv is, as you probably know, a Myst-like... in the world of Myst.

The developers of Babel Studio (and the game director Denis Martin) are true fans of Myst who decided to create a kind of sequel, in a parallel world. If the idea was challenging (because Cyan could have refused that they use their licence, even if the game is free), the result is impressive.
Denis and his team have learned their tools while working on the game, they have written the story themselves, invented the puzzles and created an original soundtrack. On top of that, contrary to most of the games of the Myst series, Roonsehv is not a 1st person slideshow game: it is a realtime 3D game created with the Unreal Engine 3, and the result is breathtaking.

If you are a true fan of Myst, and need to dive again in this amazing series while Obduction is being developed, then you should definetely try Roonsehv, and you can probably add 1 point to my note: 9/10.
I have removed 1 point because the game is not very easy if you are not familiar with the genre and the Myst series. It is much better to know the story of Myst, Riven, Exile and the others, in order to benefit of the great work that was done.

To conclude and talk of the bad points, some of the puzzles are not always pefectly designed, and the clues given to solve them are sometimes hard to read (papers on the walls) because of texture compression. Well at least it was the case on my PC. And personally I become quickly sick with the FPS view in most games, and Roonsehv is one of these games where you look around you all the time.

Despite these few issues, everything will take you in a beautiful journey in a mysterious world full of strange devices to understand and activate. Don't forget that it's totally free, made with passion, and will benefit of an English translation.


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