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Put a high energy ball on a track. Throw in the power of the four elements and add some accurate physics. It's racing time! The angular momentum of a rotating ball is put to the test when you rev up and race through scenic tracks. This is a all-out game of speed, skill and action. Control your racing ball on tarmac, ice and slippery moss-covered wood. Race at day, night or dusk. Follow the track under water, over flowing lava or high up in the sky. Use speed-boost, time-shift or a valuable super-ability to beat the opponents to the end of each race. Upgrade your ball with your winnings as you progress. Watch the volcano erupt and blacken the sky and surrounding landscape as you enter new areas of racing.

Rolling Coaster Gameplay March 2011

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Rolling Coaster Beta March 2011 now available.

This video shows some samples of gameplay from different races.