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Rolan’s Quest is the first game created by Colony Games Interactive. Rolan’s Quest was inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana. The story centers around Rolan who must unravel the secrets of an evil Lord, cross into exciting new territories and uncover his world's dark, long forgotten past.


Top-down action/adventure RPG. Players will explore the world filled with kingdoms, towns, magical powers, fantastic creatures, and puzzles. After a setback, Rolan teams up with Lulu to find out the secrets of the plot by Lucius Sangria in the game’s Zelda-inspired combat. The hammer unlocks the power of conduits to help Rolan defeat enemies, solve puzzles, and traverse the environment.


Rolan Forge


A country boy by heart. Beset by tragedy, Rolan must confront internal as well as external demons in a world he does not fully understand. In possession of a mysterious hammer which aids him in a variety of ways.



Independent. Strong. Thick headed. Teams up with Rolan on his adventure. Uses a whip-like weapon.

Lucius Sangria

Dark Lord

Pragmatic. Wants what is best for mankind and will stop at nothing to get it.

The Hammer

Channels the power of the conduits.

Heavens Judgement


Rubber static conduit

Allows Rolan to pass through electric currents, to redirect currents, and to accumulate static electricity in his body.

Ethereal Conduit

Allows Rolan to enter the ethereal plane. This is a spiritual plane that varies depending on use.

Music Conduit

Puts animals under your control to do your bidding.

Cloak Conduit

Sneak past enemies.

Tricky Conduit

Sets traps.


Colony Games Interactive is funding Rolan’s Quest with funds coming in part from an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

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Rolan's Quest
Rolan's Quest
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Rolan's Quest
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