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RogueStache is a platformer, with randomly generated levels, rogue-like leveling system, and mustache humor.

The game engine has been in development for a little over 6 months, and is one of the smoothest platform engines you will ever find.

You play as a human, who has to battle various enemies, while trying to get to the end of each level. You will collect power ups, unlock new weapons and facial hair styles to help you on your way. The game contains many guns and weapons, including heavy machine guns, rocket launchers and laser swords. Your choice of facial hair style will alter your character, giving you more speed, health, or ammo.

At the time I posted this, there are 17 weapons, and 6 facial hair styles.

You can unlock them in various was, such as getting 100 kills in a single life, or reaching a certain EXP level.

Technical notes:

This game which include:

Lighting engine with soft shadows

A custom made liquid smooth fast paced platform engine

Built for multiplayer, co-op and vs will be added in the future

smooth and easy to use inventory system

smart AI

weapons, explosions and shiny stuff

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First IndieDB release


Hello and welcome to RogueStache
As the developer of this project, ive been working on this engine for a little over 6 months.

I plan on including Multiplayer, and a bunch more unlocks and upgrades.

The game includes controller support, if you have a controller let me know what you think of the control scheme.

Pelase leave your comments and reviews below

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Beta 0.4.2

Beta 0.4.2


This beta marks the first release on IndieDB. This is beta version 0.4.2 and has most of the game play and a lot of the features i plan for the final...

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