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Rogue Republic is an innovative RTS project developed by a team of independent enthusiasts aimed to bring you a realistic yet intense C&C Generals-styled game you always dreamed about. Do not like C&C F2P for some reasons? Track Rogue Republic! The game will be released in episodes, with each episode bringing you a new campaign of the overall story arc ranging from Russian-Georgian conflict, hypothetical Turkish-Ukrainian war in the near future, WW3 and its falloutic aftermath.

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Turanic başıbozuks (view original)

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The başıbozuks (Turkish "Head cuters") are the irregular militias fighting for the interest of Great Turan, mostly originating from poor republics of Central Asia.

Başıbozuks were irregular fighters during the Russo-Ottoman wars. The first time in modern history the başıbozuk division were re-created by the Turkish Prime Minister Karadığan during the conflict with the Meclis.

When Karadığan tried to strengthen his power, the Meclis rallied its civilian supporters and loyal military regiments. Karadığan rallied his personal başıbozuk forces and won the conflict, enabling him to achieve unprecented powers in Turkey since the time of Mustafa Kemal.

Later başıbozuks became the key fighters against pro-Russian central Asian regimes, enabling Turkey to topple local governments without involving its regular armed forces.

The başıbozuk are loyal and courageous fighters, and although they are underequipped they always fight to the end. Enemy soldiers never risk to surrender to başıbozuk alive, prefering suicide over giving up.