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Chase the Evil Scientist to get your Mojo back!!

You start off in another time, you're a rock star who gets all the babes, and a desperate evil scientist steals your Mojo! You chase the scientist through time and dimension portals which transport you into different worlds, with a mind controlled army of beings from other dimensions in the way of your Mojo!

3 main characters to play with their own special powers. 24 Weapons to choose from including the flamethrower, anti-gravity gun, mini-gun, crossbow, ninja stars and dozens more.

3 themed worlds with 30 levels to start with, with several dozen more weapons, armor items, and levels coming in the near future.

Every world has an epic Boss battle with mechanics you need to learn to beat them!Seriously fun light hearted 3D game, with a side scrolling Platformer setup, while utilizing the 3D depth.

Multi-depth platform system, wall running, double jumping, portals, moving platforms, you name it, it's on.

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Rockstar Mojo open beta!


Rockstar Mojo is an action packed platformer with 24 Weapons, Vehicles, Bosses, and 30 levels.

Game is in a complete state, and is now in open beta!
I'm looking for feedback and thoughts about the game, especially around the level layout and design.

Here is the latest promo vid: Youtube.com

Follow these 3 steps in order to play.

Join this Google Plus group: Plus.google.com
Then click the link on this page to become a tester: Play.google.com
Then download the game from here. Play.google.com

More info at: www.destructivestudios.com


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