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The Universe is being plagued by a virus that is able to spread through space and infect a planet in seconds! You are the AI of a nuke on a mission from your home world to nuke infected planets, but there are other worlds looking to take credit for saving the universe. Race and battle against other nukes to be the world that gets credit for saving the Universe!

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Rocket Racer Updated!


Rocket Racer 1.1 is here, here is a list of what has been updated:

  • Fixes for layout scaling on multiple screens, things should scale up/down more nicely now.
  • Added new leaderboard screen! High scores are now tracked through an online leaderboard.
  • Added ability to set a call sign - this will identify you on the leaderboards.
Rocket Racer Available Now!

Rocket Racer Available Now!


Rocket Racer 1.0 is here; download it now on my itch.io page!

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